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(S63 Class) Jon Toner - Defense
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[Image: hof_toner.png][Image: 3700.png]
Career Regular Season Stats:
GP: 816 | G: 127 | A: 372 | P: 499 | +/-: +127 | H: 1017 | B: 1073

Career Playoff Stats:
GP: 128 | G: 19 | A: 49 | P: 68 | +/-: -9 | H: 211 | B: 208

Career Awards:
1x First Team All-Star
2x Second Team All-Star
1x Rookie All-Star
2x Challenge Cup Champion (S46, S48)
1x Scott Stevens Winner (S49)
1x Scott Stevens Nominee (S44)

[Image: RashfordU.gif]

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