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S68 Champions - Seattle Argonauts
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[Image: D1DZsoO.png]

Regular Season:
PTS: 111 | W: 54 | L: 9 | OTL: 3 | PCT: .841 | GF: 318 | GA: 150
W: 16 | L: 4 | OTL: 1

Challenge Cup
Cole Reinhart Trophy
President's Trophy
Sergei Karpotsov Trophy - Max Manning
Jay McDonald Trophy - Max Manning
Mike Honcho Trophy - Willie Miller
Aidan Richan Trophy - Max Manning
Anton Razov Trophy - Max Manning
Sarmad Khan Trophy - Max Manning

Kermit Murphy
Jonas Kahnwald
Landon Fischermann
Max Manning
Vaseline Podcalzone
William Salming
Luukas Lilja
Daryl Urquhart
Anton Mihailov
Liam Slate
Jimmy Wagner
Calvin Hobbes
Wendolene Ramsbottom
Angry Gilmore
Benson Fiorentini
Willie Miller
Thor Odinson

[Image: Mat10Man.gif]
[Image: bhLfeta.png][Image: UbL0bdg.png]

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