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S68 All-Stars
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S68 All-Star Teams

1st Team All-SMJHL
F - Alexi Piastri Battleborn
F - Bnana NWaffles Falcons
F - Dominik Froste Battleborn
D - Torsten Eriksen Kraken
D - Julian Florsch Falcons
G - Jeff Newman Falcons

2nd Team All-SMJHL
F - Jarrod Lakemore Scarecrows
F - Bohdan Jarovsky Falcons
F - Rush Justice Kraken
D - Hodor Elk
D - Dany Frackin-Heatley Falcons
G - Caleb Hayden Kraken

All-Defensive Team
F - Jarrod Lakemore Scarecrows
F - Oles Kobliska Malamutes
F - Ralph Ryan Elk
D - Hodor Elk
D - Chris Valentine Grizzlies
G - Jeff Newman Falcons

All-Rookie Team
F - Tobias Wrexks Falcons
F - Billy Herrington Falcons
F - 4 Chainz Falcons
D - Pork Tenderloin Grizzlies
D - Hugh Manius Scarecrows
G - Noah Charlevoix Whalers
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