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S69 SMJHL PT #2 - Season Preview
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I won't lie, this particular season probably doesn't look the greatest for the Quebec City Citadelles but that definitely does not mean the future is bleak as well. The team has suffered from a lot of recent callups that is leaving the roster rather depleted in top-end talent, but that means that there is a lot of room for the young guns to grow and fill those shoes. And luckily for Quebec, they have a very good crop of young players from this past draft that are near sure-fire bets to meet those expectations in due time. On defence they have prodigal hockey blood in Maximova, ready to lead the offence from the back end. Up front rookie Jiggle E Puff has had an explosive start to the season and will be looking to keep it up to keep us competitive. Cormier is another player that should be a huge piece of the Citadelles' offence but just hasn't figured it out yet. If he can pick it up and join the pace of his fellow rookies in scoring quebec would probably be a little over 500. It's never quick or instant, but if the core of 8 S70 SHL draftees can band together and consistently focus on improving, it won't be long until Quebec is back on top of the league standings. All that said, despite the lack of an abundance of talent that other top teams have, Quebec has held their own very well through the first 12 games, posting a 6-5-1 record which is good enough for 500 hockey. If they can keep this hot start up, and the kids keep improving, we may be looking at a more dangerous Quebec team than most people realize come playoffs.

From the jump it was clear that while the team in Quebec is young, they are talented and hungry. Some pieces to look out for this season are Jack St. Clair, Elene Maximova and Nevek Kove. Jack St. Clair is the 1st line center and team captain of the quebec city citadelles. Being one of the longest tenured players in quebec city, theyre gonna need his talent and experience to help lead this team to a chance at a championship. The other 2 players I mentioned are both alternate captains and top pairing defensemen. With a roster packed full of mostly rookies, the two defenseman are gonna need to bring their A game every night to cover up the lack of experience. All in all, after the preseason, the Quebec City Citadelles have shown that the predictions of them being on the worst teams in the league might be false.

 [Image: tkJAMHZ.png]

Overall the Yukon Malamutes are looking a bit rough. We are extremely young so watch out in the coming seasons, but this season will be hit of miss as we are still learning to play well together and develop our craft. Don Aven is our biggest asset right now. He is leading the team in points at 15. with 5 being goals and 10 being assists he is very well rounded. He is set up as a play maker and clearly it is working. Secondly is Ray Alexander, he is also a play maker and with only 2 PIMs, he is the calm one on the team. Having multiple designated people to call the shots should help us tremendously. Lastly, on D you have Sydney Shaw who will be crucial on keeping others from scoring. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and these players are all young, watch out for Yukon.

[Image: badwolf221B42.gif]
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The season for the Kraken got off to a rocky start. New players in new positions have led to some growing pains, especially with Lambert filling in on defense, a position relatively unknown to him. However, there's players in the locker room that can get the team going. Derek Martin, Adam Prpich, and Kyle Murray are all experienced faces in the room, both in terms of skill in play and their ability to lead when the going gets tough. All three can lead by example with points, as we've seen early into the season, but the motivation they can give during slumps is unmatched. Another big piece looking to continue from last year is goaltending, lead by Elias Adelberg. Coming off a ROTY-caliber season, the Kraken are looking to him to continue some unbelievable play and make the saves that really count on our path to the playoffs. Overall, the Kraken are in a spot for an extra special comeback after a poor start to the season, and it'll be awesome to watch.

It's not looking too well for the Vancouver Whalers, although they should improve upon where they were last season. It's a very young and inexperienced squad. 9 of their 18 players are rookies. When 50% of your team hasn't experienced a full SMJHL season, you must keep your expectations in check. The first half of the season should be disastrous, their main goal is to not get embarrassed every night. Over time however, they will slowly get better and more competitive. When all these rookies develop and get better, the team will reap the rewards. They should be able to compete with any SMJHL season by year's end. One player critical to the team's success is Sven Panda. They are the team's best and most experienced blueliner. They will serve to be a strong mentor for all these rookies looking to make it. Another player to look out for is Klaes Ashford. He is coming into the season as the team's #1 center. And despite being a sophomore, is the most skilled forward on the team. He is the centerpiece the team is building around, for a potential cup run in the next two seasons. A third player to watch out for is Wednesday Addams. She is already atop the rookie TPE leaderboards, and is only getting better. Getting first line minutes with Klaes Ashford will be instrumental for her development.

[Image: MWJDjbu.png]

[Image: image0.jpg]

Well season has already started so I'm a bit late to the party on this one but I am pretty confident in our team this season. We still have a large group of players from the S67 and 68 draft classes which should make for a formidable lineup given their experience. Alongside them are the relatively small group of S69 players entering their sophomore seasons and the newly drafted STACKED S70 rookies. Overall, looking like a strong team. As for our three most important players, I would say August Von Hecht/George Walsh, Dusty Rhodes, and Connor McKeil. Von Hecht/Walsh I put together because they are both our goalies on this roster and they have a pretty good split of games between them. Both are undoubtedly crucial for our defense. Next up is Dusty Rhodes who is our most experienced defenseman on this roster. With a bit of a lacklsuster defense, his experience and leadership will be important this season. Finally, we have McKeil who is our first line center and centerpiece of this offense.

[Image: Grummy.gif]
Sigs made by @sköldpaddor and @Ragnar

Not gonna lie we kinda suck right now but never forget St Louis was last in the NHL in 2019 at one point. If we wanna succeed Don needs to keep balling, the same as our other top scorers like Happy Gilmore, Alvin Wong, and Ray Alexander. Clint Clampton has also been great on the blueline this season, posting both solid offensive and advanced stats thus far. I think if our depth scoring from guys like me can start rolling, we should be able to bounce back from this slow start (coach lemme get some powerplay minutes).

The Maine Tiber are geared up and ready to go. At the front of the pack, or forest in our case, we got our first line of Pawter Meowski, Barefoot Sugars, and Cale Salad. If i had to relate them to a tree they would be California Redwoods, towering above all us other little shrubs. They are our 425 capped forwards and are proving it by Cale and Pawter leading the league in offensive stats.

We also have our goalie tandem of Brent Turnerson and Jaxon Markstrom who are shutting it down in the defensive zone. While Brent is the higher TPE and likely starter, Jaxon Markstrom as a rookie has an impressive .946 save percentage and 1.29 GAA in the 6 games he has played in so far.

My player on the other hand is still just a small little sapling, though i am happy with his performance. Having 8 points and a +3 in 16 games so far with a low 16:43 ATOI

The season is looking great so far for the Timber as they lead the league with 26 points, 3 points clear of 2nd place

[Image: 60133_s.gif]
 Timber norway norway Timber  
Knights  Renegades norway   norway Renegades Knights

The Maine Timber are looking good if I do say so myself. I believe we are coming off a season where we just lost the cup and man I have no doubt that’s exactly where we are heading again. After the first week of sims we are in first place sitting at 13-3. Now while our team is full of active earners I would have to say Pawter Meowski LW, Toatsy, LD, Cale Salad C, are our top dogs when it comes to who helping us the most. All 3 are our top earners and maxed out they’re vets and they know how to get it done. Cale and Pawter with their offensive/ playmaking skills scoring goals left and right and Toatsy keeping us set on the defense side. With their leadership and skills Maine is looking good man. Y’all gotta watch out.

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