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S69 PT #1: Surplus January 29th @ 11:59 PM (PST)

01-23-2023, 12:08 PMleviadan Wrote: CREATIVE PROMPT - Wow! All those improvements you made to the neighborhood around the arena have really paid off! People love the area more than ever. Attendance is at an all time high, and your franchise is making money hand over fist. Since you did such great work with the city, you've been given $3 million and asked to turn your eye to the team's needs! 

Written Task: What upgrades and changes do you make to your team's locker room, lounge, fitness room, parking garage, whatever! Use your 3 million wisely in order to make the best facilities possible for your teammates. Are you upgrading to some fancy new future tech? Is there something old and rotten that you need to replace? Are you mad that your parking spot is too far from the ice surface? Talk about what you're changing and why! (150+ words)

To continue our quest for increasing fights around the league, we need the formal training space to make this a reality. With the three million dollars, I would tear out the practice rink at the training facility, then replace it with a full-on fighting facility, including hundreds of punching bags, state of the art weight lifting equipment (i.e., items found at the local goodwill), boxing coaches (keep in mind these would be amateur coaches that would take 50 bucks per week). On top of that, all meals provided to the players in the training facility will include at least two scoops of creatine powder (in which meals is kept a secret). In order to become the best, they must train better than the best. Would practicing shooting get better on-ice results? I doubt it. Would practicing for the greatest bench clearer in SHL history be a better use of your time? You bet your ass it would be. (158 Words)

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ya ok well first off what you need to understand that in the forge weve been making giga steel for years and theres basically no improvements that can be made to the foundation that shit is solid as can be almost as solid as my faith in the big j and also the big gm big ass so all this money is just gonna go to some of the extra things that we dont need to be a championship team but just to dunk on all you poors anyways first off we are gonna get a cotton candy machine because who doesnt want one of them sumbitches imagine elbowing a left wing nerd in the first then getting a fun blue raspberry cotton ball of fun in between periods for that boost to really get those hits going again for the second and second off we are gonna get a big ass tv to watch the replay of said elbow but not only that but some surround sound with the shotgun mics we used to record the teeth breaking from said hit

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CREATIVE PROMPT - Wow! All those improvements you made to the neighborhood around the arena have really paid off! People love the area more than ever. Attendance is at an all time high, and your franchise is making money hand over fist. Since you did such great work with the city, you've been given $3 million and asked to turn your eye to the team's needs! 

Well there are plenty of needs inside of the locker room. It feels like we are the Cleveland Indians in the Movie series Major League. However rumor has it that instead of a team moving a baseball team to Cleveland It's a Manager looking to move the team from Florida to Ohio. For some weird reason market shares and polls have it that there is strong desire for a team to be placed in Ohio and the Manager is looking to tank our fanbase and shares by being having a series of terrible results and trying to get our popularity to plummet so much that the team gets permission to be moved to Ohio. First off the facilities are trash. The Whirlpool machine is broken down and we needed to bring in a boat engine to get the water moving. Also instead of having the players get free sports drinks and beverages out of the vending machines the players are expected to cover the costs of beverages that they are trying to get instead of them being free. Starting out I would fix some of the machines in regards to the rehabilitation of players physical fitness and cover the cost of beverages and food.

There's a ton of things Hodor would finance for his team:

- emotional support dogs in the locker room, with a full kennel and support staff
- heightening all doors in the arena to accommodate tall people
- dragon-fire-proof roof on the arena, you know, just in case...
- surveillance cameras and mics in the away team locker room, but only to check on the mental health of the players since they're probably getting their asses handed to them
- a hot dog stand in the tunnel between the locker rooms and the rink, completely free for the players before and during the game
- a friendly public service intercom system where Hodor can broadcast safety bulletins he reads to the entire stadium during games (example: "hodor hodor hodor," etc.)
- a snow maker that's pointed at the audience so they can join in on the cold winter fun that the players play in
- awnings over all the car parking lots, just in case low-flying reptiles decide to target innocents...

hodOOOOr'hOOOdoooooooor hoooodor hOOdOOORRRR, Hooooooodooooorrrr HoooooddddddddoooooooRRRR

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Quote:Written Task: What is your opinion on the NHL salary cap? Is it great? Bad? Needs improvement? Tell me why. Is there another league that has a cap structure you like more? Do you have a compelling argument for removing it all together? Would allowing teams that could afford to spend extra money on players be too unfair in this day and age? What do you think? (150+ words)

There are a lot of people out there who would argue that the NHL salary cap would benefit from a structure similar to the MLB, or a different league without a hard salary cap. These people, however, tend to be the fans of teams in larger markets with the revenue to spend a lot more on their team than the NHL salary cap currently allows. A non-hard cap, however, would only make things that much harder on the smaller market teams to be competitive. The smaller markets who do happen to win the lottery or find a steal in a later round would more often than not lose their star players to teams willing to overspend in their quest for the Cup. This would do major, major harm to the integrity of the game. Just look at the Oakland Athletics for example. They aren't even hiding it, they have zero interest in trying to be a competitive ballclub. They trade their star players before giving out the big extensions they deserve, and find themselves right near the bottom of the league again. This would be inevitable in the NHL under a non-hard salary cap. With all of this being said, I do think the salary cap needs a boost, and postseason salary cap reworked to not allow teams to ice a roster that exceeds the salary cap.

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Might be stretching the budget but it would be really cool to have a hyperbolic time chamber like in Dragonball Z. Would give the team a huge advantage in terms of training. Instead of getting say 10-15 hours of training per week like most professional teams might (at least this is the amount of training a pro soccer team does), you'd be getting about 4-6 months worth of training in the same time. Imagine how quickly rookies would develop in that time! Imagine how it could be used for resting veterans between games to prolong their careers!

Probably wouldn't be within budget though, sadly. So I guess the real answer is to focus on improving equipment and facilities for injury recovery and rehab. Things like that. The sport has a pretty high injury rate after all, so it feels like reducing the impact of that would be a wise way to spend the money.

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