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S69 SMJHL Index
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Stats Index
Youtube Channel
League Files
Game Schedule

Regular Season Schedule (Times may vary with a 24-hour notice)

S69 Stream Schedule (Times may vary)
Mondays: Caleb - 6:00 pm EST
Tuesdays: Holtz - 9:00 pm EST
Wednesdays: Air Crou - 7:00 pm EST
Thursdays: Holtz - 9:00 pm EST
Fridays: Blix - 5:00 pm EST
Saturdays: Caleb - 6:00 pm EST
Sunday: No Sim

Expected Regular Season Finish: Saturday, February 18th

[Image: sdcore.gif]

Player Page [Image: berserkers.png] [Image: syndicate2.png]Update Page

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