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S71 RD Jay Bryzi Update Thread


Total: 657
Banked: 236

[Image: sig-500b.png]


Activity Check +2
S72 Season Predictions +11
S72-5 +7
S72-4 +11
Weekly Training +5

Total: 693
Banked: 272

[Image: DrbPYHV.png]   [Image: B4x6AQm.png]
Scarecrows Russia Wolfpack

Rest In Peace Dangel

1st SHL Goal - S52 Game 1 vs Tampa 3. New England Wolfpack , Jakub Bruchevski 1 (Eko Van Otter 1, Delver Fudgeson 2) at 8:10

Scarecrows Platoon Russia

[Image: F4iUWyS.png]

Total TPE: 693
Banked: 272


[Image: CrazyMojitoSHL.gif]
Canada Blizzard Citadelles Credit to sulovilen, enigmatic, Merica, Carpy48, Ragnar, and High Stick King for the sigs! Citadelles Blizzard Canada 
[Image: d9J5DHT.png][Image: 16PgOBm.png]

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