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S69 Champions - Quebec City Citadelles
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[Image: qDfKcoS.png]

Regular Season:
PTS: 83 | W: 38 | L: 21 | OTL: 7 | PCT: .629 | GF: 245 | GA: 200
W: 16 | L: 8 | OTL: 1

Four-Star Cup

Redd Savage
Alexander Minaj
Elena Maximova
Nevek Kove
Jack St. Clair
Viktor Hargreeves
Jiggle E. Puff
Stumptavian Roboclick
Kieran Kovalev
Lea Cranberry
Nathan Cormier
Jarrod Lakemore
Tam Kove
Smurfunkel Dothe
Levin Schattenaxt
Walter Sobchak
William Boucher

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