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S70 SMJHL Entry Draft
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Date: Sunday, March 19th, at 8:00PM EST

[Image: SMJHLLogo4.png?width=579&height=500]

Specific picks will not be updated here until after the draft, all picks will be shown through the Draft Stream HERE!

S70 SMJHL Entry Draft
Round 1
1: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Bob Wehadababyitsaboy
2: Raptors Colorado Raptors - Oliver Castillon
3: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Dominik Winters
4: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Levin Schattenaxt
5: Elk Regina Elk - Just-to-Buy My-Love
6: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - Thomas Sawschuk
7: Armada Anchorage Armada - Finn Weiß
8: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Andre Latreille
9: Knights Kelowna Knights - Crystal McLeod
10: Timber Maine Timber - Mick Mayhem
11: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Jay Bryzi
12: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - Adelbert Steiner
13: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - Furious Chicken
14: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Marshall Madden

Round 2
15: Elk Regina Elk - Mercedes Baylé
16: Falcons Detroit Falcons - Theodore Svatos
17: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Bellamy Blake
18: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Filip Svatos
19: Raptors Colorado Raptors - Foggy Nelson
20: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - Max Carnage
21: Armada Anchorage Armada - Barg Hazbite
22: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Alexej Kastrba
23: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles - Net Man
24: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - Erik Erikson
25: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Andren Akerson
26: Knights Kelowna Knights - Logan Webb
27: Timber Maine Timber - Shootin Blanks
28: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Matt Stro

Round 3
29: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - Jordan Tanner
30: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Kyle Baretto
31: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Inactive Forever
32: Elk Regina Elk - Ally Mathieson
33: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - Luke Labrie
34: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - shnopple lopple
35: Armada Anchorage Armada - Xavier Ali
36: Raptors Colorado Raptors - Scary Jerry
37: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Johnny FourStar
38: Timber Maine Timber - Merle Van Nistelrooy
39: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Dave Richardson
40: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Thomas Liebold
41: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Todd Bowers
42: Raptors Colorado Raptors - Drew Sureshot

Round 4
43: Falcons Detroit Falcons - Martin Csiszar
44: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - Donny Dangle
45: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Marko Zajc
46: Timber Maine Timber - Michael Adams
47: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Aaron Ranger
48: Elk Regina Elk - Thor Odinsson
49: Armada Anchorage Armada - Theodore Lauzon
50: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Extra Magic
51: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Bryce Mitchell
52: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - Paul Matz
53: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Bryson Basham
54: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Will Nason
55: Falcons Detroit Falcons - Ryan DeSharkie
56: Falcons Detroit Falcons - Khris Ray-Thiago

Round 5
57: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - François Bersier
58: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - Matthias Reis
59: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Larry Johnson The 3rd
60: Elk Regina Elk - PASS
61: Raptors Colorado Raptors - Nate ESJAYKAY
62: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - Alex Crosswell
63: Armada Anchorage Armada - Peter Lasma
64: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Apollo Peed
65: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles - Lionel Messi
66: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - PASS
67: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Michael Cordero
68: Knights Kelowna Knights - Morgan Delfield
69: Timber Maine Timber - Chad Chadwick
70: Falcons Detroit Falcons - Drew Meyer

Round 6
71: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - Dean Ventresca
72: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - Royal Pizza
73: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - Nate Gray
74: Elk Regina Elk - PASS
75: Raptors Colorado Raptors - PASS
76: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - Joebammmm Farf
77: Armada Anchorage Armada - PASS
78: Kraken Carolina Kraken - Auzzie Chambers
79: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles - PASS
80: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - PASS
81: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Aron Mahon
82: Knights Kelowna Knights - PASS
83: Timber Maine Timber - PASS
84: Falcons Detroit Falcons - PASS

Round 7
85: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows - PASS
86: Malamutes Yukon Malamutes - PASS
87: Whalers Vancouver Whalers - PASS
88: Elk Regina Elk - PASS
89: Raptors Colorado Raptors - PASS
90: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - PASS
91: Armada Anchorage Armada - PASS
92: Kraken Carolina Kraken - James Supercard
93: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles - PASS
94: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers - PASS
95: Grizzlies Great Falls Grizzlies - Michael Doucet
96: Knights Kelowna Knights - PASS
97: Timber Maine Timber - PASS
98: Falcons Detroit Falcons - PASS

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03-07-2023, 05:16 PMACapitalChicago Wrote: Draft Order will be updated Soon TM

Not putting any pressure on you personally, ACC, but I'm starting to wonder if we'll get the order before the 2x Draft Media period is over...

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Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Chevy, @Turd Ferguson, @fever95 and @enigmatic for the signatures!

03-12-2023, 12:16 PMKlusteR Wrote: Not putting any pressure on you personally, ACC, but I'm starting to wonder if we'll get the order before the 2x Draft Media period is over...

Hey, totally get it. I'll see about getting the order up soon, depends on J Teams and our tracker along with trades. Also just to clarify, J Draft Media isn't till March 16th till the 23rd, per J Media Head

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S66 Damian Littleton

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Draft day

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03-19-2023, 11:05 AMWannabeFinn Wrote: Draft day

Wow thanks for the info professor!!!!

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S66 Damian Littleton

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Post updated with the picks! Thanks to all of J HO for their fantastic work behind the scenes, our GMs for the quick picks, and our streamers for the great work!

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S66 Damian Littleton

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