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Minnesota Wild

03-09-2023, 01:31 PMsköldpaddor Wrote: Not sure why the double ping was necessary, I'm doing my real life job over here :')

But anyway, I'm not saying you can't discuss things. I'm saying that when you respond to someone who is distressed about something in a way that minimizes their feelings and seems to be making excuses for the thing that's upsetting them, they're going to push back.
REAL JOBS! Not allowed :')

For anyone curious, the San Jose Sharks gave the players the choice to wear the jerseys or not and James Reimer (who is from Manitoba) isn’t doing it, but they’re still going ahead with everything else. Good to see a team not shielding homophobes.

They’re also using their Twitter tonight to spread information about LGBTQ+ issues, so we love to see teams using their platform for good.

[Image: Boom_Sig.png]
[Image: umZ0HLG.png][Image: VGl3CB4.png]
Sig credits to @sköldpaddor @ValorX77
2;717;William Hartmann receives the pass in stride and he's in on a breakaway!
2;717;William Hartmann makes his move...

2;717;It's across the line!
Game 2, S56: TOR @ EDM
11:52 2nd: William Hartmann (1) assisted by FR Finn-Rhys (3) and Karlstrasse Scholz (2)

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