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(GRADED)Deep Dive #1 - The beginning of Aumy Junior II's career and the start of SMJH
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Aumy Junior II arrived in Carolina in a style. It was kind of unexpected that he was able to join this team. First regular season game was insane win against a team which wanted to sign him first - Detroit ''Falcons''. ''Kraken'' won by 8:0 and Aumy Junior II recorded his first assist. In his first game he played as a defender, since roles and positons in Carolina are pretty tight at this moment.

Our team isn't that good yet, but if each day we get at least the half of the possible points - it's a good and productive day. Our primary goal is to make ''play-offs'' and be a contender. After seven games we have nine points which allows us to sit at the second place in Atlantic conference. There are some great teams, but it looks like there will be a fight until the end of the season and everything is unpredictable. Seems like we will have hard games against Maine ''Timber'' and maybe Great Falls ''Grizzlies''. ''Timber'' already beat us once and I hope they won't be our cryptonite. ''Grizzlies'' meanwhile are just doing very good and they are the leaders of our conference. They have the best +/- in goal difference right now, plus they've only lost one from seven games. They are 4-0 at home and seems like they are ready to put in the work and grind this season. That means it's very important for us to keep working.

Grind is very important, since we have many rookies with least possible amount of training points including me. We have to hit that TPE cap before ''play-offs'', so we can make a surprise playing in that TOP 8. Then next season might be ours. We won't give up without a fight this season either. It would be insane to win a Four Star Cup already in S70. After seven played games we have two league leaders. Johnny Wagner-Svenson with eigth goals is the best scorer, while Derek Martin with 14 points has the most points in an entire SMJHL this season.

We had two blowout wins this season already, but if our boys can keep up this type of activity, then we should be good. We don't have very strong goalie and defender line, but if we sort it all out, then I think we can be an underdogs for a chip. Championship right now isn't impossible - it's all based on hard work, luck and chemistry. It's like college basketball - there ain't pretty big skills or something like that. It's all on if you are fighting hard enough. I think we have that dog inside us and we are able to fight for a championship. All we gotta do is to work harder then others and then only the sky will be the limit.

Personally, I think that this is the come up season. We will do good and finish over .500. In ''play-offs'' we might even get to the Finals, but I don't think we're ready for a chip. Plus that would be pretty fast as well. We should make a run for this trophy next season. If we will be able to get it - I will be happy. And I'm sure we will get it!

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