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Sim #3 Hattys (3 stars of the week)
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Welcome back to yet another edition of my Hattricks! I should really get that trademarked huh, to make sure nothing else in the SHL is called Hattricks. This one’s going to be shorter than the first two, due to a shorter sim that saw between 1 and 3 games played per team. On the good side, that means some teams are getting up to 5 games tonight! So without further ado, let’s start!

Sim #3: League

Since only 4 days got simmed, we didn’t get a ton of action. So due to the lack of material for me to write about, those 3 stars are not going to get an in-depth description. Oddly enough, if you’ve read my last Hattricks™️, you’re familiar with my first pick, Peter Tingle (again…). The Maine center casually decided to pass Ozolins and Martin to lead the league in points, as he got a McDonald’s trio (please don’t sue me) of those apples en route for an easy 5-3 win for Maine against Nevada. This was quite literally the only game Tingle and the Timber played in the entirety of the sim. Among other interesting-ish things, the captain got a 62.5% faceoffs success rate, 3 shots on goal and a +1. To follow up, we have Carolina C Derek Martin (again…) who, despite getting blanked twice, still made it on the list for one specific reason: he got a hattrick!! Scoring the first 3 goals of the Kraken’s dominant 8-0 victory against Yukon, adding an assist, his second game of the sim kept him at a point per game pace which he lost the following matchup due to being blanked, but he also got the scoring leader title back in this young season. This was a rougher sim for Carolina, but I had to feature my man Frenchie’s hatty in my Hattricks. Finally, we have a bit of a sleeper pick. Aurora Azjha of the Detroit Falcons had an underrated sim, scoring 2 and assisting 2 for 4 points in 2 games. Their performance along with the solid team spirit allowed for two high scoring victories against Quebec City and Vancouver. With those pairs of goals and apples, the right winger on the smaller end of things is now point per game in 9 games with a +2 in yesterday’s sim. That’s all I had for this very small selection of the league’s three stars yesterday!

The three stars of the week/sim:
#1 Peter Tingle, MET C
#2 Derek Martin, CAR C
#3 Aurora Azjha, DET RW

Sim #3: Team

As I mentioned previously when I talked briefly about Peter Tingle, Maine only played one game. Obviously, the 1st line center is automatically getting 1st tree of the sim considering his 1st star in the league Hattricks, once again showcasing why he was picked 6th overall in S69’s draft, but who else performed during that game? Our second tree is going to be Tingle’s partner in crime, Damien Hirano. The skilled winger also had 3 points in the victory, but he scored one as opposed to Tingle. With a 85 game rating, Hirano simple was a force to be reckoned with in this close yet not as hard as the next Timber game, which is against Great Falls. Finally, another sleeper pick would be William Tree. The second year center had the 5th goal of the game to secure the win, but his offensive determination did not go unnoticed as he had a total of 8 SHOTS in the game! With a 74 game rating, this was a great match for Tree, and as a sign of trust, our coaches played him 19 minutes and 59 seconds in even strength. 

The three trees of the week/sim:
#1 Peter Tingle, C
#2 Damien Hirano, LW
#3 William Tree, C

Thank you again for reading this very short media piece, and see you tomorrow! Ozolins out.

652 words (wait what it was supposed to be short)

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