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(GRADED)Deep Dive #2 TOP 10 Timber Skaters
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The Trees have a rich history even though their first season was in S53. With four division champion seasons, three conference champions they have taken home one Four Star Cup Championship, Season 67. With history comes hall of fame players. Here is my deep dive on the Timbers top 10 SKATERS of all-time.
Just a heads up, this is my list so if you have an honorable mention. please let me know.

10- Randy Marsh
The hit king was down in Maine for a crazy 6 seasons. The Max now is 4 but it still won't hurt him on making my top 10. In the 341 total games he played he had 654 hits and 387 shots blocked, he also won 27 fights which I doubt will ever be broken. On my list I have to show some love to the hard Workers, not the most goals or assists but just consistent pain. On top of this he leads the Franchise in PIM by more than 100 minutes! Randy played a huge part in the Season 63 team helping them reach 101 points on the season. Finishing with a 50-15 record. Extra points for having one of the best characters as his player's name.

9- Rikard Bjerg
Another defender, Bjerg went on to bigger and better things after being with Maine but played in 226 games. In those games he blocked everything and protected his teammates throughout his tenure. 

8- Big Newff
Newff was the team captain for 3 straight seasons from S61-63 in that time the Timbers were 118-67. Being a leader isn't easy, that's why it's given to the ones that have been through it. Newff lead his team from the bottom to the best record Maine has seen in a single season. For that reason, he belongs in my top 10. 

7- Emil Egli
Star defender for the Championship season in S67 Egli blocked 402 total shots in his career here. Thats a lot of band aids. On top of that 413 total hits and 147 total points for a defender in 4 years is pretty nice to see. What really had me star struck was a total of 202 takeaways compared to 89 giveaways. If you're going to win in this league. you need a Defender as solid as Egli. 

6- Archangelo Scaradog Jr.
Scaradog is in the Timbers Hall of Fame and rightfully so. Coming in a #5 in overall points for the franchise he seems to pave the way for the future championship as he was part of that amazing S63 team that went over 100 points. Scaradog was also the first ever Timber to be considered an MVP of the league. For these points he definitely belongs in the franchises top 10 Skaters. 

5- Pawter Meowski
Meowski checks in tied for overall points in franchise history with Downski. Again, part of that miracle S67 championship you're about to see a lot of players from that team on this list. Pawter was consistent in his time with the Timbers and his overall +/- shows it as he is #2 in franchise history behind only Bunnings. Not only that but a surprise to me was he is ranked 2nd in franchise history in hits with 602!

4- Tam Bunnings
Giving a HOF user credit where credit is due. Coming in as the best defender in Timbers history I had to go with Bunnings. Tam was a crucial member for the first ever Timber team to reach over 100 points in S63 and was S66 team captain. Leaving the season before the Championship Tam paved the way for that S67 team to reach it's ultimate goal. Bunnings also leads the franchise in overall +/- with 69.

3- Nibbles The Squirrel
Nibbles is again on the S67 Championship roster. What they were able to accomplish in their short career as a Timber was nothing short of amazing as well. Nibbles has the most assist in team history at 153 and is 4th in total points. The professional assist king was even more impressive when the team was shorthanded. Leading the team in overall Shorthanded points with 16 is almost double who is in 2nd with 9 total. So hats off to a great defender and a quick overall player now tearing it up in the SHL.

2- Iam Downski
I had a tough time on who to rank 1 and 2. Downski I have to say is probably the best all-around player in franchise history. He leads the team in goals and is tied with Meowski for overall points in franchise history. Though he had an extra season over Cale he was just as helpful in the efforts to win a championship in S67.

1- Cale Salad
In his short three season Cale went on to have one of the most dominate careers as a Timber ever. Topping off his HOF career with a 106-point season in S69, in his 3 seasons he would average more than a point a game which is insane, he also would leave for the SHL with a 20.1% shooting percentage. Not only is he third in the franchise with 230 points but he did it in 198 games played. To say this man was everywhere on the ice for his career in Maine is an understatement. He also grabbed the first and only MVP in franchise history. 

So just a quick snapshot of what I believe to be a decent top 10. I definitely like the stat hits and fights and can see this list going every which way. So, let me know, who did I miss? Thanks for reading. 

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