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S71 Training Camp

6 old man points

[Image: scrufdaddy.gif]
credit to Flappy and ToeDragon

Panthers Platoon Specters Platoon Panthers Specters Aurora Jets Usa Scarecrows

[Image: s9JOf1N.png][Image: UDyqktK.png][Image: 1DL5JDX.png]

2 days

[Image: MCHITS.png]

Dangle  Stampede +6 TPE

       [Image: dangle.png]
     Sig Credit: Ragnar
[Image: vaxlare.png]
Sig Credit: Moosey
Falcons  |  Raptors | Stampede |  Patriotes |  Czechia
[Image: vokU6Ra.png]     [Image: 0ioPVRj.png]


[Image: Duga.gif]
Sig made by - @Ragnar or @XxCL16xX (if you made one for me let me know ill tag you)

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