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[2X Draft Media] SHL Draft Overview

I need money, which leads to me kind of stalling and throwing word salad at an article until it sticks. As a 1st gen create in this league the scouting process for the SHL was a lot of fun. I had my teams I wanted to go to and some that just didnt seem to fit. I ended up landing at Buffalo at 15th and had a really good talk with their GM's... I felt if it wasn't Buffalo at 15 it would be for sure Philidelphia at 18. I appreciate everyone who reached out and scouting is truly my favorite part of this league.
Now for the breakdown of this draft. Being a new create I had no idea what to expect and also had not much information on who is recreate and who was a first gen. Someone brought up the fact of having new creates drafted first, It could help with keeping new creates more active but that's a discussion to have at a different spot.

Round 1

1. San Francisco Pride - Levin Schattenaxt- Standing at 5'10 they can pack a punch with over 200 hits on the season for the Grizzlies. 38 points in 66 games is not a bad start and to go first overall here was a smart move for the Pride. He was at the top of everyone's Mock draft.
2. Toronto North Stars - Mercedes Baylé- Now I know this user from the PBE and was shocked to even see in some Mock drafts they had them falling out of the top 10. Regina was not the best team this season but it would have been a lot worse without Mercedes and their 53 points. They were 3rd on the team in goals as a rookie. Impressive.
3. Edmonton Blizzard - Furious Chicken- Needing a Defender the Blizzard may have gotten the best one in the draft here. Furious had 19 points in 66 games but the stats dont take away from his size and pure talent. This sems to be a wait and see with their potential.
4. San Francisco Pride - Logan Webb- Webb was the most active user I've seen in some time. Basically, doing a media once a week it felt like means they have some money to use whenever they feel. Webbs stats were impressive as well with 47 points in 66 games. The Pride found a gem of a winger here.
5. San Francisco Pride - Dominik Winters- Again, the team did not help Winters but he showed up with 44 points to lead the whole team. As a rookie that is quite the feet to do. Being the main centermen for this squad and winning more than 55% of their faceoffs again just shows how the Pride found another frontliner that is going to help them for years to come.
6. Los Angeles Panthers - Oliver Castillon- 46 points point's through the season means another top 10 pick. The Panthers get a winger who has potential to lead the league in points.
7. Baltimore Platoon - Bellamy Blake- A defender with 52 points. You read that right. What a season for Blake and 87 blocked shots means he is not just your regular offensive defensemen. This player had top 5 written all over them and to fall to 7 was a steal for the Platoon.
8. Tampa Bay Barracuda - Max Carnage- Another center off the board and with over 56% win rate we can see why this was a top 10 pick. But focusing that much on faceoffs means they can't score many points. 42 in a 66 game schedule is pretty nice.
9. Baltimore Platoon -Jay Bryzi- 17 points as a defender on again, a squad that was just outmatched every game it seemed. It's tough to show what kind of potential a player has when they're on a bad team. This is a wait and see but has the potential to be quite the pick.
10. Minnesota Monarchs - Marshall Madden- -44 was second on the team. Another Scarecrow who has the potential of hitting everything in sight. 177 hits was best on the squad as im sure he had a lot of chances to get those hits. 28 points to add for a top 10 pick is deserved.
11. Hamilton Steelhawks - Inactive Forever- To almost average a point a game as a rookie is wild. 64 in 66 games. It involves a great team but knowing where to be on the ice at all times. Forever has that it factor and 185 hits is a nice addition for the Steelhawks at 11.
12. Baltimore Platoon - Thomas Liebold- Just like his teammate Forever, Liebold went off on hits and led the team. With more dishes than his counterpart but less points we can see where Liebold is investing his strengths. I thought this was a top 10 pick for sure.
13. Toronto North Stars - Andre Latreille- At the beginning of the season I would have told you Latreille would be a top 10 pick no problem. Coming off of a season that would be viewed as a little of a disappointment Latreille is poised I think to have a breakout 2nd season. Time will tell.
14. Manhattan Rage - Mick Mayhem- Mick is my teammate in Maine. Had a solid season and should be a nice add for the Rage.
15. Buffalo Stampede - Shootin Blanks- This is me and will be the biggest BUST in SHL history. I played 43 games and was a Center playing LW. Talk about confused.
16. Hamilton Steelhawks - Thomas Sawschuk- Solid season as a second line center. winning 54% of face-offs is awesome as well. Expect a breakout 2nd season from the Steelhawks prospect next season with the Battleborn.
17. New England Wolfpack - Adelbert Steiner- My teammate in the PBE. Steiner won the 4-star cup beating my Timbers and I am still not over it. This has potential to be the biggest bust right next to Shootin Blanks in the history of SHL. Sorry Wolfpack.
18. Philadelphia Forge - Barg Hazbite- Again, it's hard to find potential when a player is not in the best scenario. Hazbite took advantage of what he could in Anchorage and worked hard to get a top 20 pick. Forge got a great pick here.
19. Winnipeg Aurora - Johnny FourStar- A solid season for the Whalers with 55 points leads the Aurora on a Fourstar hunt. This pick will be showing it's worth a soon as he is called up I feel.
20. Minnesota Monarchs - Boho Biscuit- Boho I believe was the first waiver pick up to get drafted in this draft and it shows what kind of user he is going in the top 20. 23 points through 49 games as a defender is a safe bet for the Monarchs here.

Round 2

21. Manhattan Rage - Alexej Kastrba- An assist machine is a great player to have on your team. Only will get better through more seasons in juniors for the Kraken. A wait and see pick that will pan out nicely im sure.
22. Tampa Bay Barracuda - Filip Svatos- Kraken had a decent team this season and to end the season at a -13 is a little concerning to me. Maybe the line wasn't gelling most the season? Time will tell but again, a nice pick at 22 for Tampa.
23. Chicago Syndicate - Just-to-Buy My-Love- Yet another player I thought would go top 10. Not the best season in Regina but the Syndicate seem to know what they want and got it here at 23.
24. Los Angeles Panthers - Andren Akerson- Almost a mirror season of his teammate Latreille, To have Akerson fall this far down the draft was a little odd to me. 39 points in a season is something to be happy about.
25. Manhattan Rage - Erik Erikson- Another Berserker another bust. Sorry to say here but prove me wrong. Signed- a Timber player
26. Minnesota Monarchs - kevin kim- in what I thought was a surprise pick at the time. The Monarchs must see something I don't and had a great conversation with Kim. Time will tell on this waiver add.
27. Baltimore Platoon - Ryan Quintana-Green- 24 points in 52 games is a healthy amount for a Waiver wire Defender. Finally, a pick that seems to be right where I expected them to go. Nice add for Baltimore.
28. Manhattan Rage - shnopple lopple- Another great season with 34 points but I am more impressed with the 45 PIM. Bravo and keep up the hard work.
29. Texas Renegades - Jordan Tanner- Quite the bright spot for Yukon this season. To go +2 in a season that wasn't the best for your team is nice. 20 goals and 22 assist means the balance for Tanner is perfect for the Renegades at this pick.
30. Manhattan Rage - Net Man- First Goalie off the board. Going 6-16 with 87% saves is a great season for a rookie and look for Man to be one of the best goalies in the league in a few seasons.
31. Toronto North Stars - Crystal McLeod- A top 20 pick I thought for sure was brought back down to earth because of an ok season. Hopefully can turn it around this upcoming season for Kelowna.
32. Buffalo Stampede - Finn Weiss- Again, a top 20 pick I thought seems to fall way down to the Stampede here. My SHL team gets stronger with this pick and I love it.
33. Calgary Dragons - Bob Wehadababyitsaboy- To go from 1st in the juniors draft to 33rd is quite the difference. My only thought is inactivity but if they come back this could be a steal of the draft.
34. New England Wolfpack - Scary Jerry- What a season for the back-up goalie out of Colorado. 13-5 season is a great start and a great pick at 34 for the Wolfpack.
35. Atlanta Inferno - Bear Trapp- My teammate in Maine showed up a little after the draft and had a solid season. To go this low was actually a surprise for me and again, the Inferno found a gem at 35.
36. Philadelphia Forge - Johnny Shuffleboard- A very small sample size of their potential through 17 games but they must have loved what they heard from Shuffleboard at this pick.
37. Seattle Argonauts - PASS- best idea for this draft
38. Toronto North Stars - Aumy Jr II- A winger who can dish the puck and hit at this stage of the draft is a great pick.
39. Toronto North Stars  - Matt Stro- Stro fell for the same reason I feel everyone does but I could be wrong. Either way the build is great and to be active again could lead to some nice seasons for the North Stars.
40. San Francisco Pride - PASS- another great idea

I want to say these are just my takes and should not be taken seriously. I enjoyed this process and am looking to make a little bit of dough. Thanks to all the teams that reached out and I am very excited for the future of Shootin Blanks.

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Nice write up!


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To be fair, the reason I fell from #1 OA was that I plan to only play in the Juniors then retire.


05-15-2023, 05:11 PMInf1d3l Wrote: To be fair, the reason I fell from #1 OA was that I plan to only play in the Juniors then retire.
Thank you for the info. Totally makes sense now.

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