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72-RW-Dan Craig- Updater Thread

TPE: 446
Points Available: 97

Dan Craig

[Image: Evok.gif]

[Image: merha.gif]

+2 TPE - AC
+5 TPE - Weekly Training

Total Points Earned: 446 + 7 = 453

[Image: dc24.png]


[Image: collage_1_25.jpg?ex=65792b9c&is=6566b69c...224691d25&]
[Image: 6eVg1pG_625x126.png?ex=65792bf7&is=6566b...4e112782e&]

+2 TPE - AC
+5 TPE - Weekly Training
+7 TPE - combined claim
+7 TPE - Season Preds

Total Points Earned: 453 + 21 = 474


[Image: dc24.png]

Total TPE: 474
Banked: 125


[Image: CrazyMojitoSHL.gif]
Canada Blizzard Citadelles Credit to sulovilen, enigmatic, Merica, Carpy48, Ragnar, and High Stick King for the sigs! Citadelles Blizzard Canada 
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