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S70 SMJHL PT #8 - Trails and Tales

Dylan Jacob-Smith has always had two dreams since growing up Detroit Michigan, playing for his hometown’s college team the University of Michigan in an athletic scholarship. His dream was different because he was a talented black athletic kid growing up. Instead of sticking to sports that most black kids gravitate to for example basketball or football, Dylan gravitated to hockey.  Dylan has been skating since the age of 5 and has looked back. His mom knew  he would be special but never thought he would be trail blazer. 

Dylan was noticed in middle school by U of M hockey coach  Happy Gilmore when he stood out at the local hockey camp on hosted by U of M hockey. Dylan held his own during the camp  and getting camp MVP award. After his junior of high school leading them to State Championship, coach Happy Gilmore offered a full athletic scholarship to Dylan Jacob-Smith to play hockey for U of M. He reached his dream playing hockey for his favorite college team  from the streets of Detroit. He lead U of M to the Final Four his freshman season and the National title his sophomore season. What is next for a former 2 star recruit out of Detroit?

As Dylan Jacob-Smith stood in the green room waiting for his name to he called in the SMJHL S70 Draft, he watched his name dropped out of the first two rounds of the draft. His name was finally called in the 3rd with the forty pick by the Newfoundland Berserkers. Even with him dropping out of the first two rounds, he reached his second goal of getting drafted and playing in the big leagues! #hardwork #berserkers4life


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Cameron Dallas was born out of Dallas named after the city. Living with his parents Cam & Erin Dallas. He wanted to become the greatest hockey player of all time, but one problem is that he lived in Texas. Sure there was the Dallas Stars in the NHL and the Texas Renegades in the SHL. But he still wanted to leave. So he ran away from home. He came to Montreal Canada and found new friends to start practicing for the SMJHL. And now he just got drafted by the Maine Timber and is ready to become the GOAT of the SHL.

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What a whirlwind experience this SHL draft was for me. Leading up to the draft I had atleast half the teams in the league reached out and expressed their interest in me. All my talks I felt like went well and even some GMs who knew my mentor reached out and told me they were interested in me as well. Looking back I felt like the best talks I had with was with the Los Angelas Panthers, Baltimore Platoon, and Buffalo Stampede. With both LA and Baltimore having picks in the top 10 I was hoping that would be around where I'd end up getting picked. Time seemed to drag on forever sitting in the TPC Craig Ranch but eventually Baltimore was up at 7 and I lead forward hoping for name to be called. Instead Bellamy Blake gets the call, which considering he was the best Defenseman in the draft I was surprised he lasted that long. Still I didn't give up hope Baltimore told me they really needed defenseman so maybe they'd go with me at #9. As it turns out that's exactly what happened, Baltimore double dipped with defensemen and chose me at #9 I was elated not only to get picked but able to former a future dream pairing with Blake. The future is bright in Baltimore and I am over the moon to be apart of it.

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Scarecrows Russia Wolfpack

Rest In Peace Dangel

1st SHL Goal - S52 Game 1 vs Tampa 3. New England Wolfpack , Jakub Bruchevski 1 (Eko Van Otter 1, Delver Fudgeson 2) at 8:10

Scarecrows Platoon

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In the not quite mecca of hockey known as Philadelphia, there lived a boy named Max Carnage. Growing up, he was the epitome of a skinny kid, lacking the physicality that others associated with toughness. Little did anyone know though that beneath his frail exterior, a fiery determination burned brightly.

Through some coaxing from a few local jabronies, Max decided to channel his frustrations into the beautiful game of hockey. He spent countless hours at the local rink, relentlessly practicing his stickhandling, skating, and passing skills. Despite being overmatched physically at this age, he compensated with speed, agility, and an annoyingly unyielding work ethic.

As he aged, Max's dedication began to pay off. He eventually hit a growth spurt that added quite a few inches to his height and allowed him to add some muscle to his frame. Armed with newfound confidence, he transformed himself into a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Once dismissed as the skinny kid, Max became known for his hard hits and fearless play. He loves to take on opponents bigger than he, using his agility and determination to disrupt plays and win the tough fights along the boards. His teammates admire his tenacity and rally behind his spirit.

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PT Pass

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In an alternative universe, mild mannered hockey bench warmer Johnny FourStar is riding pine at the end of the bench. A below average hockey player, Johnny spends most of his time sitting, waiting, and watching. "FourStar!" his coach yells. Is he finally entering a game? "Get back to the locker room and get a head start on laundry, bwa hahaha!"

Johnny is defeated. He's been on this team for years, doing drills, working on his Skating, but he doesn't seem to get any better. Even worse, no one seems to believe in him. How could this life get any worse.

While doing laundry, Johnny rethinks his decisions. Should he continue on? All the sudden, he feels a sharp pain in his hand. What was that? Johnny was bitten by a radioactive hockey puck! What? How? Do pucks even have mouths?

Johnny feels the rush of power surge throughout his body. He laces up his Skates and goes back onto the rink. Weaving in and out of traffic on the ice, Johnny has never felt so quick. The puck comes to his stick, and he fires off a wrister. Top shelf! The goal. Lights come on! But then immediately off? The refs blow their whistles frantically. Johnny had been called for too many men on the ice. Coach kicks him off the team that afternoon, and Johnny never plays ice hockey again.

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What is there to say about Dan Johnston? He was a lonely lad who spent way too much time watching Rock 'Em Sock 'Em VHS tapes in his basement. He would often go out and practice body checking the cows in the neighboring farm's fields trying to emulate his heroes Scott Stevens and Wendell Clark. The neighbor would often watch and question if he was right in the head, but never bothered him any. His parents signed him up for hockey and Dan was constantly getting suspended for throwing giant open ice hits and then trying to fight everyone who skated by. As he got older he started to look at the option of playing hockey at higher levels. He set out training to try and learn every trick there was to playing defense at a high level. He has none the less persevered and is starting to live out his dream after getting drafted by the Anchorage Armada in the second round. Will he be able to continue to grow as a player? Will he be able to tone back his aggressiveness? In my humble opinion, NO, but then again I have been known to be wrong every once in a while.

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Hockey is not too big in Nebraska– this was Rocky Orwell's first roadblock to heading to the big leagues and achieving what he now considers to be his ultimate goal– representing the US in a world tournament. However, with the help of his uncle, a coach in Des Moines, and a lifetime supply of gas from a generous Shell in town, the Orwells were able to drive Rocky 2 hours to Des Moines 4 times a week to practice. It wasn't easy on any of them, but by the time Rocky made it to 14, he was one of the most promising tryouts for one of Omaha's premier AAA teams, which he made. He played with the Omaha Shuckers for 4 years, with 3 state championships, 2 national championship bids, and 1 national championship finals, in which the Shuckers ultimately fell to the Pittsburgh Prowlers in OT. Rocky wasn't deterred by this though, continuing to practice at home once his season ended. He received 3 D1 offers, but ultimately decided to head to the Js on the first step to fulfilling his dream of playing for the USA. He was surprised to go so high in the SMJHL draft, but he's determined to show that he earned this spot and that he has potential to take a team to a championship.

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Before learning to skate, Larry Johnson The 3rd was terrible at skating, he only knew how to skate when he was 12 he didn't have any equipment before so he had a late start.
His dream was to be good at skating so he could play for his towns hockey team but he was so bad it took him 3 years to actually get good.
His dream did come true and he ended up winning the championship with his team, he was super happy but his team wasn't to happy with him because he just started to get better at skating and he doesn't know how to play hockey that well

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In Trey daniels’ past, he never wanted to be a hockey player. He had other plans for his life and was on the road to a different career path. It wasn’t until he was just playing around at a local rink and someone noticed something special in Trey. Trey himself, didn’t want to believe what he was being told by this person at all. It wasn’t until he watched video of himself just playing around on the ice that he saw what he was being told and truly believed it himself that he had something special. After watching the video over and over, he started learning the game of hockey and being coached by a veteran of the sport. Once the coach felt like he was ready, he started shopping around for a team for Trey to play on. As soon as a team was found, those coaches and other players could see what everyone else could see. The team had gotten what they were desperately needing, which was a miracle to help them get it off a losing streak they had been on for years. For Trey daniels, he had found his true calling in the game of hockey and soon was being scouted by the big leagues, working his very best to become one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of skates and hit the ice.

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Laying on the floor in his living room just days before the draft was the remnant of a polaroid picture Billy Hill had taken in the dining room of his run down trailer in the mountains of North Carolina. Armed only with technology found in the municipal dump and a laminating machine found at a thrift store, Hill was able to make a passport just believable enough to pass as something legitimate looking enough to pass as a Latvian passport. Hill may be a man of few means, but one thing he knew was this: Latvia's national team would be a lot easier to make than the US nstional team. A cut here, some heat there and Billy Hills SMJHL draft stock improved significantly.

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A little ditty, about Theodore Svatos, stealing the melody from a sexist song. Theodore's gonna be a Blizzard star, his partner Eggy also a star. Together they ran off to the big city, brought Chicken along with them. Malamutes showing out in blue, gotta win the four star cup first.

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. ... There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.”

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8 P.M. ET; Halloween Day, 2036

I anxiously await tonight's game. While everyone else enjoys their Halloween, with or without family, I'm living out my life dream as a goaltender for the St. Louis Scarecrows. Standing cold and clammy, I prepare for the game, hoping for a performance that'll give us an opportunity at an early playoff position.

Our opponents are the Vancouver Whalers from the SMJHL's Pacific Conference, coming off of a series of unfortunate losses, including the most recent, a 12-2 loss at the hands of Carolina. We've faced them twice before, losing both times, and I take the guilt for both losses.

Tonight feels different. As I stand in front of the net, I grow more relaxed, ready to prove my spot on the team as a reliable goalie. The opening faceoff signals the start of the game. The first period goes by as a blur to me, as Vancouver's offensive efforts are fruitless, most of which falling into my glove, much to their despair. The horn sounds, already signing the end of the period, and both teams head to the locker room.

After the intermission, the score remains tied. We seize possession and relentlessly pressure Vancouver for over a minute. Our persistence pays off with a fantastically screened one-timer, giving us the crucial 1-0 lead early in the second period.

The Whalers respond fiercely, creating better opportunities, but I manage to glove the puck. We win the defensive faceoff and swiftly score again, extending our lead to two. However, we can't let up, knowing that a two-goal lead is often cited as the most dangerous.

Late in the second, the game gets rough. We take a hooking penalty, but Vancouver quickly evens the ice with a hooking call of their own. Our advantage carries into the third period, but we fail to capitalize. Nevertheless, we continue our efforts, and a well-placed wrist shot increases our lead to three, followed by a quick fourth goal. We maintain pressure, essentially preventing a Whalers comeback.

In the final minutes of the game, the Whalers attempt to score, but an offensive turnover leads to our fifth goal, this time on a breakaway. The rest of the period again is a blur, with me finding a way to snuff all offense against us. The pride I felt that day remains unmatched. Though I achieved another shutout later that season, none has come close to the same after that 5-0 victory.

I got kind of carried away and wrote 423 words. Whoops, it can't hurt at least.

S70 SMJHL Rookie Goaltender -  Scarecrows
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Scott Seitz was born in Düsseldorf, Germany to two normal working class parents, a firefighter and a cook. Growing up he had a good life and like most other young German kids, grew up playing soccer with his friends. However, this all changed when he saw fellow German Tim stutzle playing with the Ottawa senators in the NHL. He immediately became infatuated with ice hockey, the speed, the skill, the physicality. He was obsessed with every facite of the game.

He then started focusing on hockey, and encouraged his friends to do the same. His best friend, Joseph mamma was one of the first to join him on his new adventure. Over time it was obvious Scott had a special talent for ice hockey.

He was quickly scouted, and signed by his local team the Düsseldorf dominators, becoming the youngest player in franchise history to make their debut with the team. He quickly became one of the most talented players the franchise had ever seen,dazzling fans with flashy dekes, and stunning goalies with blistering slap shots. He constantly trained to one day enter the NHL like his idol tim stutzle. Entering the smjhl with the Vancouver whalers is only the first step on his long journey

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