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Activity Check #473

Post your name and team here for two TPE.

[Image: riU14F5.gif]

[Image: sburbine.gif]

Jay O'Neil  Aurora

[Image: riU14F5.gif]

[Image: sburbine.gif]

Mat Smith syndicate

[Image: Mat10Man.gif]

[Image: bhLfeta.png][Image: UbL0bdg.png]

Ben Jammin  syndicate

 [Image: Jammin.gif]
[Image: wiqZK8C.png]
[Image: vHNIXVO.png] [Image: vg8xHBp.png] [Image: pxjucze.png] [Image: sXDU6JX.png] [Image: IhVx0wj.png]

Thank you @High Stick King @Drokeep @mer @Ragnar @Tesla for the player signatures! 

LSM Blizzard

[Image: valpix.gif]
Thanks to @Ragnar, @Symmetrik, @Merica, @enigmatic, and @sulovilen for the sigs! 
Avi courtesy of @MN_Moosey
[Image: d9J5DHT.png] [Image: 16PgOBm.png]
Citadelles Switzerland Stars Blizzard 
[Image: VGl3CB4.png]
[Image: valpixpride.gif]

Crystal McLeod KEL

[Image: 8FnCVh9.jpg.]

[Image: UmZVJaz.png]

Logan Webb - Knights/Pride

[Image: Ak8rQKy.png?width=675&height=375]
Sig by Lazyeye
[Image: image.png?width=600&height=300]
Sig by DaBoot
pride pride Knights Knights Knights pride pride

Kevin Kim - KEL

                                              [Image: hbtB38x.png]
                                                  Canada Knights Monarchs Thank you Enigmatic for sig!  Monarchs Knights Canada
                                                            [Image: I3BTEQc.png] [Image: oMh09WY.png] [Image: pxjucze.png]
                                            [Image: UmZVJaz.png]

Tdan04 - KEL

[Image: 6bk5sdD.png]
                                    Sig by LazyEye

John Brown Barracuda

[Image: 59269_s.png]

S66 Damian Littleton

[Image: CsnVET2.png] || [Image: wu5MVvy.png]|| [Image: c8B2LE3.png]
Battleborn | Barracuda | Usa

Lord Farquaads Aurora

Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora Aurora
[Image: sig-wpg.png]
[Image: AceIn603.gif]

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother

GD pride

[Image: greg_davies5.png]


[Image: 66624_s.gif]
[Image: 56096_s.gif]
Credit to Ml002, King, Wasty, Carpy, Bruins10, Rum_Ham, Turd Ferguson, Ragnar and Enigmatic for the sigs.
Forge Stampede Inferno Specters Wolfpack Platoon Armada Scarecrows Uk

Player page | Player updates
[Image: wMGKypg.png]

Maximova Citadelles

[Image: engishl.gif]

Updates || Player Page

Kinsinger Aurora

[Image: symmetrik.gif]

Prince George Firebirds GM (S34-S36)
Toronto North Stars GM (S37-S43)
[Image: XtyrY3M.png]

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