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S71 All-Stars

S71 All-Star Teams

1st Team All-SMJHL
F - Alekss Ivanova Battleborn
F - Gritty McGritterson Elk
F - Bender Junior Battleborn
D - Ace Lightning Battleborn
D - Trevor Warner Timber
G - Rhett Carpet Berserkers

2nd Team All-SMJHL
F- Peter Tingle Timber
F - Klaes Ashford Whalers
F - Mr. Gray T White Battleborn
D - Mit Wobet Berserkers
D - Bellamy Blake Whalers
G - Bernard Lodge Timber

All-Defensive Team
F - Tony Soprano Armada
F - Smurfunkle Dothe Citadelles
F - Peter Tingle Timber
D - Zedward Zilliams Falcons
D - Willow Soderberg-Snooks Elk
G - Rhett Carpet Battleborn

All-Rookie Team
F - Konig Wolf Scarecrows
F - Trevor Lahey Falcons
F - Jeff Hunziker Citadelles
D - Westly Kirkpatrick Kraken
D - I-Stir MyPudding Battleborn
G - Bernard Lodge Timber
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