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[Image: lutz-first-sig-shl.png]


[Image: puddlesoduck2.gif]

stinky poo

[Image: Duff101.gif]
Credit to Geck, Ragnar and Juni for sigs

Hans graf forge

Raptors Raptors  Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors

Forge Forge Forge Forge Forge Forge 

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany 

[Image: drokeep.gif]

Walt "Clyde" Frazier Scarecrows

[Image: nQDbTbM.png]

[Image: hA5o4UG.png]


[Image: dad.png]

David-Arturri Donskoi
Regina Elk
Hey I'm DAD can I adopt you?

Manning Aurora

[Image: jay2233.gif]
Thanks to @Ragnar, @High Stick King and @Maxy for the sigs!

Raptors Argonauts 
[Image: m59RPb7.png][Image: FcWmVTl.png]

Brendan Laroux

[Image: uktCsuX.png]

Shoyo Hinata  Inferno

[Image: 75fL0ul.png]
credit to Qwest

Lily Jin Morrow Whalers

[Image: Zv1NnWq.png]

Hai Nam Hoang Monarchs

[Image: iSBUMuy.png]




[Image: Pythonic.gif] [Image: Championship_Sig.png]

[Image: Eo2nBCt.png] [Image: QtEp67y.png] [Image: 2sRs0Cq.png]

Ally Mathieson

[Image: abby_1.jpg]

[Image: gayheghog.gif]

[Image: 6eVg1pG.png]

Sim Wen

[Image: Jepox.gif]

Scott Seitz Whalers

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