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Deep Dive #2 Analyzing Xavier Beausoleil's Rookie Season
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Title: Analyzing Xavier Beausoleil's Rookie Season: Did the Colorado Raptors Make the Right Choice?

The Colorado Raptors made a bold move when they selected Xavier Beausoleil as the first overall pick in the S72 SMJHL Entry Draft. With high expectations surrounding this young talent, many fans eagerly anticipated his rookie season to determine whether the choice was a wise investment or a potential bust. Let's delve into Beausoleil's performance during his debut season to assess if the Raptors made the right decision.

Chapter 1: The Preseason

At the beginning of his rookie season, Xavier Beausoleil was bestowed with the honor of being named an assistant captain for the Colorado Raptors. This designation hinted at the franchise's belief in his leadership qualities and potential. During the preseason, Beausoleil showcased flashes of his talent, tallying 2 goals and 3 assists in 7 games. His 25 hits indicated his physicality, but a concerning +/- of -11 raised questions about his defensive capabilities. While his overall game rating was a starting point, it was clear that adjustments were needed as he embarked on his SMJHL journey.

Chapter 2: The Regular Season

During the regular season, Beausoleil's game reached new heights. In 66 games, he emerged as a dynamic offensive force, tallying an impressive 30 goals and contributing 43 assists for a total of 73 points. What sets his performance apart is the balance he maintained: 15 of those goals came during even-strength play, and the other 15 occurred while he was on special teams. This versatility highlights his capability to excel in any situation, making him a valuable asset for the Colorado Raptors. While his +/- of -30 pointed to some defensive challenges, this is not uncommon for rookies adapting to the league's defensive strategies. Beausoleil also averaged 20 minutes of ice time per game, showcasing the trust his coaches had in his ability to make a difference. His 264 hits demonstrated his commitment to physical play, underscoring his determination to contribute in various aspects of the game. As the season progressed, Beausoleil's overall performance continued to improve, culminating in an impressive overall game rating of 80.

Chapter 3: Playoff Performance

Beausoleil's contributions extended into the playoffs, where he continued to shine. In just 5 playoff games, he scored 2 goals and added 4 assists for a total of 6 points. However, it's worth noting that the Colorado Raptors were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, which served as a reminder of the challenges a rookie-laden team can face in a competitive league. Nevertheless, Beausoleil's +/- remained stable at 0 during the postseason, demonstrating his ability to maintain composure in pressure situations. His overall game rating during the playoffs maintained its high level at 80, confirming his consistency in crucial moments.

Chapter 4: Standings in the Rookie Leaderboard

Xavier Beausoleil's rookie season showcased his impact on the league, even though he didn't lead in any specific category. His rankings among rookie and regular players were noteworthy:
  • Third in hits for the whole league with 264, displaying his physical presence and commitment to both ends of the ice.
  • Second in points among rookies with 73, underlining his offensive capabilities and consistent production.
  • Third in assists among rookies with 43, highlighting his playmaking ability and contributions to his team.
  • Fifth in goals among rookies with 30, showcasing his scoring prowess in a competitive rookie class.

In conclusion, Xavier Beausoleil's rookie season with the Colorado Raptors was marked by substantial growth and promise, despite the disappointment of an early playoff exit. Bestowed with an assistant captain role at the start of the season, Beausoleil's journey featured distinct chapters, each showing improvement in different facets of his game. As Beausoleil continues to hone his skills and gain experience, he appears poised to become a cornerstone player for the franchise in the years to come.

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Xavier Beausoleil
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Height : 6.5ft
Weight : 236lbs
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