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S73 SHL Entry Draft
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Date: Sunday September 17th
Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST
Location: the deepest darkest corner of the portal

Round 1

1. Toronto North Stars Stars Florian Söderberg-Motyla - Fluw
2. Manhattan Rage Rage  Betzee Nickelback - kahri
3. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs Xavier Beausoleil - Takk806
4. New England Wolfpack Wolfpack (via Dragons) Jeff Goldblum - SewingWithNancy
5. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Barracuda) Brooklyn Physt - CptSquall
6. New Orleans Specters Specters Prince Marius - Karey
7. Seattle Argonauts Argonauts Sim Wen - Jepox
8. Toronto North Stars Stars (via pride) Bobby Tkachuky - fubaguy
9. Hamilton Steelhawks Steelhawks Jani Manty - puolivalmiste
10. Chicago Syndicate syndicate (via Platoon) Sad Ketchup - Tylar
11. Texas Renegades Renegades Guy Incognito - Leafs4Ever
12. Buffalo Stampede Stampede Mephistopheles Morgonstjärna - Mayuu
13. Atlanta Inferno Inferno (via Panthers) Jae-ik Barron - charlieconway
14. Atlanta Inferno Inferno Kristian Seppanen - MrPresident
15. Calgary Dragons Dragons (via Patriotes) Ryland Murphy - TonyW19
16. Chicago Syndicate syndicate Ho Lee-Smokes - Nike
17. Philadelphia Forge Forge Ubba Lodbrok - Wearingabear
18. Seattle Argonauts Argonauts (via Blizzard) Update Portal - wumaduce
19. New England Wolfpack Wolfpack Lily Jin Morrow - Shiamus
20. New Orleans Specters Specters (via Aurora) (via Stars) (via Aurora) Jordan Thompson - AK41

Round 2

21. Manhattan Rage Rage Jean-Francois Bokassa - Lord Birdman
22. Montreal Patriotes Patriotes (via Stars) jussi Mutou - ThisSeemsFishy
23. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs Axel Hamalainen - Arayvenn
24. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs (via Dragons) Jim Wen - Leppish
25. Tampa Bay Barracuda Barracuda unspeakable horror - aeonsjenni
26. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Specters) Mac Turner - CloudRobot
27. Seattle Argonauts Argonauts Rence Sykut - Rtpc31
28. Los Angeles Panthers Panthers (via pride) Jonas Salat - Cycro
29. Tampa Bay Barracuda Barracuda (via Steelhawks) dunkler durkburg - oknom
30. Atlanta Inferno Inferno (via Platoon) - bongo - bongo
31. Texas Renegades Renegades Kenny Omega - RaidTheArcade
32. Buffalo Stampede Stampede Five-Hole Sieve - G2019
33. Los Angeles Panthers Panthers Ondrej von Stoodrick - Saucetonia
34. Calgary Dragons Dragons (via Inferno) Graham Schwartz - Schwartzy
35. New Orleans Specters Specters (via Patriotes) Nico Nurminen - dylanjj37
36. Chicago Syndicate syndicate Nick Larsson - zflem
37. Montreal Patriotes Patriotes (via Forge) Valerija Serapin - Will3
38. Calgary Dragons Dragons (via Blizzard) Liam Rodgers - ikarivirtual
39. New England Wolfpack Wolfpack Harry Sachs - Sergeantens
40. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Aurora) Vyacheslav Shevchenko - Jakesdy

Round 3
41. Manhattan Rage Rage Ivan Scochnikov JR - Chris
42. New Orleans Specters Specters (via Stars) Red Panda - Lemorse7
43. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs David Soupre - MartinLK
44. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Dragons) Wain Gretski - Gretzll
45. Tampa Bay Barracuda Barracuda Smitty hextall - nik smith
46. Manhattan Rage Rage (via Specters) PASS
47. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Argonauts) PASS
48. San Francisco Pride pride PASS
49. Winnipeg Aurora Aurora (via Steelhawks) PASS
50. Winnipeg Aurora Aurora (via Platoon) PASS
51. Texas Renegades Renegades Ben Harrison - Benzamp
52. Chicago Syndicate syndicate (via Stampede) PASS
53. Los Angeles Panthers Panthers Roman Roy - Justice
54. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs (via Inferno) Entropy Sanchez - Coswi
55. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Patriotes) PASS
56. Chicago Syndicate syndicate PASS
57. Philadelphia Forge Forge PASS
58. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Blizzard) PASS
59. San Francisco Pride pride (via Wolfpack) PASS
60. Winnipeg Aurora Aurora PASS

Round 4

61. Manhattan Rage Rage PASS
62. Winnipeg Aurora Aurora (via Stars) PASS
63. Minnesota Monarchs Monarchs PASS
64. Calgary Dragons Dragons PASS
65. Tampa Bay Barracuda Barracuda okest boomer- the great khali
66. New Orleans Specters Specters PASS
67. Seattle Argonauts Argonauts PASS
68. San Francisco Pride pride PASS
69. Hamilton Steelhawks Steelhawks PASS
70. Baltimore Platoon Platoon Mike Badcock - Jonahcraft7
71. Texas Renegades Renegades Luma Lee - MamaB
72. Buffalo Stampede Stampede PASS
73. Los Angeles Panthers Panthers PASS
74. Atlanta Inferno Inferno PASS
75. Montreal Patriotes Patriotes
76. Chicago Syndicate syndicate PASS
77. Philadelphia Forge Forge PASS
78. Toronto North Stars Stars (via Blizzard) PASS
79. New England Wolfpack Wolfpack PASS
80. Winnipeg Aurora Aurora PASS

90. Baltimore Platoon Platoon James MacAvoy - Enraged
91. Texas Renegades Renegades Daniel Durkburg - CrazyLemire

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Oh wow. Edm with so many picks.

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Thank you @slothfacekilla for the sig!

I’m mad at @hhh81 for not scouting me.

Ded league. Draft a no go.

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09-17-2023, 01:08 PMkarey Wrote: I’m mad at @hhh81 for not scouting me.
Sorry! I literally don't have a single pick til 70 rofl. I didn't scout anyone

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