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sköldpaddor 9/17 (WPG banner)

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gorgeous! nice work!!

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[Image: IdMkYiH.png]

[Image: NIYtQkE.png] [Image: NjFSX1z.png]

Its so purdy

the constellation is genius

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Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars

09-18-2023, 12:29 AMLime Wrote: the constellation is genius

nah i think its called ursa major


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Former players:
Ivo Willems (S9 SMJHL) (S10-28 SHL)  
Xander Green  (S33-35 SMJHL) (S36-47 SHL)
Vorian Atreides (S49-51 SMJHL) (S52-61 SHL)

09-21-2023, 01:38 AMhewasajazzman Wrote: nah i think its called ursa major

how do i strangle someone through the internet

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Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars

Banner 1: 5 / 5 - $1.5M

Total: $1.5M

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sigs either by @Wasty, @Nokazoa, @sulovilen, @Capt_Blitzkrieg, @sköldpaddor, @Ragnar, @enigmatic, @Lime or myself

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