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Rookies Get That Money! - STA
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Hello young future players of the SMJHL, we are approaching your draft time and you should be excited; I know I am for you.  Your friends here at the Spidey Talent Agency are on the lookout for you once again as this time draw near.

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You see in previous years I taught you how to deal with these nasty General Managers when it comes to do your pre-draft interviews:

We took you step by step on how to keep a step ahead of those shift General Managers and how to get the most out of your limited time in the SHL with contract Negotiations:

This time we are here to help you understand what to be asking those pesky SMJHL general managers when it comes time to make the most out of your first year in the juniors!

You see most juniors are new players, they have never been to the SMJHL or SHL before…actually I hope all juniors this is their first year, unless they found a way to reverse time and they are some kind of Benjamin Button problem going on…that would be terrible…ANYWAY.  This SHOULD be there first time.  What they need to do is ask the right questions.  Let’s start with things NOT TO ASK!

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- Are you a good team?
Absolute garbage, Juniors cycles through players faster than a lady of the night at training camp.  Players move up after year 3 and 4, a ton become inactive, It doesn’t matter how good they are now, that can change in 1 to 2 years, move on.

- What role do you see me playing?
General Managers will act all nice and tell you, OH I see you doing whatever you say you want to be.  The truth is they don’t care about what you want to be, they want to win and will do what ever they need to win.  If they believe they can win, they will strap goalie pads on a dog and send him out there.

- Are you in a rebuild?
That is a dumb questions with a capital DUMB.  All these teams are consistently in a rebuild, sure they can be favorites to win it all, but by the next season their star players are all gone.  They always want to cycle in new active players, forget rebuilds and championships.

Listen here, this is a business, and as part of any business you need to make money.  If you want to get better, you need to make money, if you want to improve you need to make money.  And unless you are a complete idiot who wants to devote way too much time to media and doing jobs around the league there is only one sure fire way to make money.  You need to milk the system for everything its got!


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- How many rookies are you bringing on this year?
Listen up!  The fewer rookies the more of the year end budget gets paid out to you in a bonus!!!  We are talking the difference of MILLIONS! To hundreds of thousands.

- What kind of Budget are you expecting to have at the end of the year?
Even if they have few rookies, if there is no budget there is no bonus!  Who wants to play a full year with no bonus coming your way.  Not this guy, and you shouldn’t either.  You get one shot at making this easy money so take advantage.

- If I give you a $50 what does that buy me?…ummmm, just warming up for team training camp.
Forget that one until you meet "Champagne" she's fancy.

- Are you looking to make any trades and open up roster spots for undrafted free agents (UFAs)?
You might have been tricked by a GM into thinking he is only drafting one or two rookies, but there is a whole thing with UFAs!  These blood sucking ticks will sap away at your free money when they also get rookie bonuses.  Make sure your GM is not trying to trick you into giving up your money!

As long as you follow the questions above you will be well on your way to earning the most money possible.  There is only 1 year you get paid bonuses, and that is your first year.  Do not fall victim to these GMs trying to “build a good team”.  As a veteran player agent; there are no good teams in juniors, just a few that do better than others.

Don’t believe me?  Here are a few testimonials of players that listened to me and a few that did not.

“Oh sure we have a super team now! But that is only for one more season.  And during my draft year we had 6 active rookies, 6!  Guess how much money I made in bonuses, none, the rest got a million though.”
- Colt Fox

“I was hounded by teams begging me to join up with them, I constantly told them no.  Finally one team reached out and said I was their only rookie.  Guess who bought a mansion with their 4 million bonus!”
- Wain Grestki

“We had 4 active rookies on our team!  I was one of the lucky ones to get 2 Million, if only I had known about bonuses earlier…”
- Ondrej von Stoodrick

“There were only 2 of us on our roster for rookies, but my team blew it’s budget, with two we each walked with 1.5 million, follow STA’s advice if you don’t you will be like me working at McDonalds to afford training camp.
- The Great Khali

See what I mean!  Ask the right questions demand the money or let the bum GMs know you ain’t interested in playing for their stinking team.  Do not get stuck working at McDonalds, doing media, or having to make graphics.  Coast by, by working the system.

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Good Luck and go get them Tiger!  We here at the STA are once again rooting for all you young prospects!  As always remember I am not just the CEO, President, and Grand Schister of the Spidey Talent Agency, I am also a client.

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I'm going to be devastated if I don't hear these questions when I start scouting this week.

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