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S72 SMJHL All-Stars and Last Players In!
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As usual, thank you all for another incredible season in the SMJHL. There was a lot of great talent that could have made this roster, so let's see who made it!

Armada Tony Soprano
Kraken Filip Svatos
Grizzlies Andre Latreille
Knights Kevin Kim
Timber William Tree
Battleborn Thomas Sawschuk
Berserkers Erik Erikson
Citadelles Smurfunkle Dothe
Elk Rowan O’Beirne
Scarecrows Dominik Winters
Whalers Thomas Liebold
Malamutes Theodore Svatos
Timber Nathan Cormier
Battleborn Alekss Ivanova
Timber Iliket Urtles
Whalers Wednesday Adams
Elk Olivers Ozols
Whalers Inactive Forever
Elk Mercedes Bayle
Scarecrows James Ward-Prowse
Whalers Johnny FourStar
Armada Joseph Reed

Raptors David Anderson
Whalers Ryan Quintana-Green
Battleborn shnopple lopple
Scarecrows Elena Maximova
Elk Just-to-buy My-love
Battleborn Ace Lightning
Timber Mick Mayhem
Berserkers Luke Labrie
Berserkers Adelbert Steiner
Malamutes Sven Petterson

Falcons Wayne Holloway
Battleborn Asher Gibbons
Malamutes Jim Wen
Scarecrows Kay Lee
Don't forget to vote for the last players in here!

Last Players In will be due Sunday, September 23rd, at 11:59pm EST.

[Image: Caleb_H.gif]

Shocked I made it

[Image: nokazoa.gif]


[Image: sN8N4xa.png]         [Image: xd5tvj8.png]


[Image: ktJ2jTl.png]

lets go I made it

                                              [Image: hbtB38x.png]
                                                  Canada Knights Monarchs Thank you Enigmatic for sig!  Monarchs Knights Canada
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                                            [Image: UmZVJaz.png]

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