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Burlok Sulfurgold has played his last game.

sex god

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Thanks for your time in Texas, you are always welcome to say hello Smile

Amazing career, glad to be on the ice (but at the other end) when you got your 1000 pts. You finish your career with a great season, probably better than you were expected haha!

Hall of Fame right here, good luck with your next player my man.

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<3 congrats on a great career my friend

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[Image: murphy.png]

Absolute legend, glad to see you recreate because the league would be worse off without you.

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No more s53 friend in germany :(

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Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars

The man… the myth.. the legend!!!!!

Drafted 2nd round 21st Pick by the Winnipeg Jets in S55 SHL Entry Draft 
GM of the UCORCAL in the WJC S55
S55 WJC Gold Medalist GM/Player for UCORCAL
Management Role for Russia in the IIHF
Recent Management Role / Head Coach for Winnipeg Aurora in SHL 
CO-GM St. Louis Scarecrows S57-S60
GM of the St. Louis Scarecrows S61-S72
S72 Challenge Cup Champion
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[Image: IMG_0301.jpg]

My king! I love you Dan.

[Image: Fantobens.gif]

Congrats on great career! Hopefully our paths cross again in the future.

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Good sig by @Carpy48, rest by me



Hope the run was great man. Enjoy the HOF!

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Sig credit: Ragnar, Carpy48, High Stick King


My guy! Enjoyed our time together on Tex! Congrats on the awesome career - can't wait to see what you can do with your next player <3

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[Image: NIYtQkE.png] [Image: NjFSX1z.png]

absolute pleasure to have brought you into FA. Thank you for believing in my vision for NEW. Happy to have won you the 4th cup

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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