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Wasty 11/26
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[Image: u4kqPWW.png]
[Image: 8pos5mB.png] @Ragnar

[Image: NiclasWastlund.gif]
#27 Niclas Wastlund - D - VANCOUVER WHALERS Whalers
[Image: vlPUU9v.png][Image: ammBPLt.png][Image: rnZeas5.png][Image: V9MXpXR.png]

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You love to see it

[Image: jjfrankiejj.gif]
Credits to OrbitingDeath, Tweedle, Incite, Wasty, and Slothfacekilla for sigs!

Player Profile | Update Page


[Image: hof_wannabefinn.png]


Sig 1: 5 / 5 - $1.5M
Sig 2: 5 / 5 - $1.5M

Total: $3M

[Image: zS2lCMp.png] 

[Image: carpy48.gif]
sigs either by @Wasty, @Nokazoa, @sulovilen, @Capt_Blitzkrieg, @sköldpaddor, @Ragnar, @enigmatic, @Lime or myself

Stars Lions Berserkers
[Image: p1gG0LD.png][Image: DKMMlC3.png][Image: sXDU6JX.png][Image: ctsxTFg.png]
my portfolio | my sig shop | gfx discord
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