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SHL Portal Updates
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Devs will be posting here with any updates to the portal

If you see any bugs submit here:

If you have a suggestion submit here:

Information wrong on the portal? Fill out form here:

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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Created a process for posting retired and unretired players automatically on the forum. The system checks every 15 minutes for new retired players and posts them.
Turned the ability to create threads in the retirement forum off, but replies are still okay.

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[Image: CsnVET2.png]  |  [Image: sXDU6JX.png]

Deployed a change that should resolve an issue some users were having with the build tool's generated/shareable link not populating the form correctly when it was clicked.

Also implemented a change to reduce the chance of TPE being awarded to ineligible players.

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A new job page has been added that allows those with the role of 'Portal Data Update Processor' to manage connections for an individual player to the different Indexes (SMJHL/SHL/WJC/IIHF) via the different Index ID's belonging to that player.

Initially, this will allow us to add links to each Player page for each Index ID/League record present for the player to allow much quicker navigation to view that players Index page(s).

In the long run, this is the first necessary step to allow us to do a lot more with some of the existing sections of the Player page using different sections of data from the Indexes.

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@luke says it all best here:

Also included in this update is the addition of Forum/Index/Cards links in the Header navigation, and some refactoring/restyling of different aspects of the Teams pages.

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-History Page has been moved to its own tab

-Added Award page
- Be able to select individual awards by SHL, SMJHL, IIHF, and WJC

-Added Team Award Page
- Be able to select team awards by SHL, SMJHL, IIHF, and WJC
- for anything with Challenge Cup, 4 Star Cup, Gold, Silver, Bronze you can use the dropdown to see who was on that roster

-Added Filter to Team Achievement Data to filter by achievementID (

-Fixed small issue in GM Management tab

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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User Awards:

- added user awards tab on history page. SHL & SMJHL only
- Littleton Award, Onoprienko Award, Mckeil Award, Uppercut Award, and Challenge Cup GMs
- Armia Award, Harrak Award, Miller Award, Four Star cup gms(in progress)
- added user awards to the league tab in history page
- added user awards to team history page

- added user award api and api docs ( )

- setting up internal changes for eventual user pages on the portal

Minor Fixes:

- Fixed on history page, on mobile the selector is too squished up against the League, Awards, Team Awards tabs. Moved selector down to make it easier to select / read

- On the league tab in history page, In the player achievements table. Split into 3 tables. First table is awards, 2nd table is All Stars, 3rd Table is the Cup/Medal winning roster

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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Added user pages to the portal

User Players
- the user link on the player page goes to user page
- /user/[uid]
- Has separate tabs for portal players, and then a big tab for players before the portal
- Has draftinfo display, recordIndex page display if applicable, and playerAchievements if applicable
- Has user achievements if applicable

Any information wrong? Submit here:

Minor Changes

- Added season to player page
- Added blue color to invite to rookie discord server when approved

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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Combined User Page and Bank Account Page into one page. Your own User Page is now accessible (when logged in) via the dropdown menu at the top right (previously only contained Logout).

Added a status indicator to player pages that conveys the following:
- Inactive: User inactive (same value as on forum profile page).
- Final Season: 'Corpse Season'. Player has retired and is playing out their final season.
- Retired: Self explanatory.

These values are displayed beneath the rest of the Players info in the Header at the top of the player page.

Minor Changes:
- Bug fixes

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[Image: SyiOY8U.png]

New Features/Changes

Historical Pages:
- Adding Old Team Logo's (SHL Only)
- Adding Old Team Name's (SHL Only)
- Replaced sending people to the users page on the forum to the users page on the portal if they do not have a player attached to it
- Added GMs to the dropdown on the teams history page for Challenge Cup and Four Star Cup\

Will be getting around to the SMJHL eventually. Finding the seasons where logos were active is harder / I didnt have the information on hand. And then Evan will make them all into SVG which will take more time

Draft Pages / Draft information
- Adding expansion draft to db, api, etc
- adding additional table on history page when expansion occurred(5,10,25,46,56,60, 61,75)
- adding additional table to player page if they got picked in expansion draft (ex. Scoochie Stratton)
- adding additional table to user page if they got picked in expansion draft
- added api for isExpansion and updated api docs

Misc updates:
- updated footer to include suggestion form and link to api docs @JamesT

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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New Features/Changes

Incremental Training Purchasing:

You can now incrementally purchase your weekly training! If you purchase one of the lower cost training options early in the week, and decide later during the same week that you'd like to upgrade your training, all you'll have to do is pay the difference and you'll be given the remaining TPE.

The way this works is that until you've purchased the max training, the Weekly Training button will remain enabled. In place of the full TPE/Cost amounts for the different tiers of trainings, you'll see the reduced TPE/Cost for each training option.

All TPE/Cost amounts remain unchanged, this just gives you the opportunity to upgrade if you earn enough to do so (or have an 'oopsie' and purchase the wrong training).

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[Image: SyiOY8U.png]

New Features/Changes:

Added referral table to user page. If there is an issue where a player was referred by you and isn’t showing contact HO for help

Added dark theme. If there is any feedback use the forms.

Kudos to @luke for all of his work on these

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[Image: SyiOY8U.png]

- Added Analytics Page to the portal
In there you can see Weekly AC & Training numbers for the league like the activity check subforum was

Also a table that shows the tpe you earned for the current season

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Czechoslovakia PROFILE || UPDATE || RAGE. Rage 
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