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Season 66 Hall of Fame Ceremony

Congrats to the new HoFers and great job team!

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Barracuda Germany Scarecrows Knights

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S50 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7
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Huge thanks to AgentSmith for running this and congrats to all the inductees!

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S66 Damian Littleton

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Battleborn | Barracuda | Usa

I come to you all with egg on my face. Upon further review it was found that the vote we conducted for the GM portion of this class (Season 66) was significantly altered by the inclusion of a candidate that was not actually eligible yet. In order to correct this issue, we will be conducting another vote for the GM portion before we move on to the Season 67 class.

Apologies for the screw up and thank you for your patience as we revitalize the Hall of Fame the right way. The correct way.


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01-29-2024, 12:12 AMhotdog Wrote: slimmy snail for HOF @frithjofr

Pissed myself.

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Very much honored to be inducted to the SHL Hall of Fame, especially in company of such great players! It was likely a big reason why I still periodically came here since I anticipated HoF to resume proceedings (very grateful for that too) at some point I certainly didn't think I'd make it to the HoF on the first ballot, especially since some time has passed since the retirement. Once again thanks to everyone and glad to see SHL still going strong.

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(This post was last modified: 02-05-2024, 01:31 PM by AgentSmith630.)

Hello again everyone! I come bearing news about the S66 Emergency GM Ballot Re-vote. 

As a reminder, here are the rules and requirements for GM Eligibility and Induction:

 - GMs will be eligible for induction the season immediately after stepping down.
 - GMs must have been the head GM of the same team for at least three (3) seasons to be eligible.
 - Stats and Awards from any time spent as co-GM are not taken into consideration.
 - Each Committee Member can vote for a maximum of two (2) GMs to be inducted. A first-place vote is worth ten (10) points, and a second-place vote is worth five (5) points.
 - GMs must receive a minimum of sixty-five (65) points to be inducted.
 - GMs have three (3) Seasons to garner the necessary number of votes in a single season of voting before they lose eligibility.

I'll also remind everyone why this re-vote was required in the first place:

 - notoriousTig was on the original Season 66 Ballot, and he is not considered eligible until the S69 Ballot due to his stepping down in S68
 - notoriousTig did receive votes, and those votes could have, in theory, allowed 1 GM to receive enough votes to be inducted
 - HO determined this should trigger a re-vote for all S66 eligible GMs once the new committee was assembled.

Also, an audit of the eligible GMs and their remaining seasons was conducted by myself and WannbeFinn to ensure the accuracy of the S66 Ballot. Many of these GMs are technically out of eligibility based on the season they stepped down, but they weren't ever put on a ballot or were put on a ballot late, so their eligibility still exists. I've also included the data that the HoF Committee was provided, as well as the data for the average HoF GM.

Our final ballot for Season 66 is:

Blizzard Keygan S47 - S60
Rage JayWhy S39 - S63
Renegades puolivalmiste S56 - S63
pride Henrik S55 - S63
syndicate Velevra S46 - S59
Barracuda Trella S55 - S62
Stars ml002 S49 - S61
Wolfpack Kenvald S56 - S62
Blizzard boom S61 - S64
Dragons Mike Izzy S59 - S63

[Image: image.png?ex=65d37dac&is=65c108ac&hm=88c...y=lossless]
[Image: image.png?ex=65d37971&is=65c10471&hm=b8d...height=223]

The Committee had a lengthy discussion about these eligible GMs, and after voting was complete, the results remained the same:  No GM received the required 65 points to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Any questions or concerns can be messaged to me directly via site DM or on Discord (agentsmith).

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Thanks to @sulovilen, @the5urreal, and @sve7en for the sigs!

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