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SHL75: #52: Luke Atmey

Luke Atmey

Velevra’s 2nd player of his career, Luke Atmey was his first forward. Drafted in the S32 draft class, Atmey was taken 3rd OA to the Hamilton Steelhawks. In the midst of a rebuild, Atmey was called up in S33, which is where his journey begins.

In S33, Atmey had a really solid rookie season. With 16 goals, 19 assists for 35 points, Atmey won the Ryan Jesster award for rookie of the year. He was also apart of the Rookie All Star Team.
S34 was quite similar as well. Continuing to get better and earning slightly more minutes, Atmeys statline looked the same. 15 goals, 17 assists for 32 points. Yet he had 70 more shots than last year and was playing about 2 minutes more. Everything was starting to come together.

S35 Atmey had a breakout season, only 3 seasons deep into his career. With 26 goals, 30 assists for 56 points. Tied for 9th in the league in scoring. Bumping from 20 minutes a night to 25 minutes a night. He was in a role to succeed, and he took advantage of it. Rewarded with a 2nd All Star Team and an Aidan Richan Nomination for most improved, Atmey was preparing to continue his dominance.
Atmey wouldn't continue it in Hamilton though. As Hamilton was altering how they wanted the rebuild. Velevra was not the most active in the locker room despite being an elite earner and player. So Hamilton traded Atmey to Manhattan. With Manhattan receiving Atmey and a 2nd. Hamilton received 5th OA and Blake Sherill. The GM For Hamilton at the time, Hallsy, said this
“This is a hard trade to make because I know Atmey is a beast but this is the direction. That I feel its time for the steelhawks to go into. We might suck for a while still but I feel we can grab a person 5th Overall who could be more connected to our team and still be a quality player like Atmey. I wish Velevra the best in Manhattan.”

S36 was actually even better for Atmey point wise too, especially adjusting to Manhattan. 27 goals, 31 assists for a career high of 58 points. Good for 7th in the league in points for that season. Yet, his big awards eluded him, only receiving the 3rd All Star Team.

S37 saw Atmey reach his 3rd over a PPG season in a row. 25 goals, 27 assists for 52 points. 3rd All Star Team again, and 12th in the league in scoring. A slight dip, but still over the past 3 seasons Atmey is a top 10 player in the league. S38 saw Atmeys first dip back down into the 40 point territory. With 25 goals, 21 assists for 46 points, only good for t-29th in points for that season. Something bigger happened to Atmey. He won a cup with the Manhattan Rage. Scoring 17 points in the playoffs.

S39 was a bounceback year though. Just from a great player back into an elite player again. 22 goals, 32 assists for 54 points. 2nd All Star Team, and t-6th in points for that season. S40 however, will be Atmeys peak, and one of the best seasons of his career. Scoring 24 goals, 38 assists for 62 points. Atmey finally had his ah-ha year. After the past 5-6 seasons of being top 10 in points. Atmey finally broke through into the top 5. Being 3rd in the league in scoring. With that, Atmey received a Ron Mexico Nomination, and 1st All Star Team.

S41 was another strong performance out of Luke Atmey.  8 games into the season he had 4 goals, 9 assists for 13 points. But Manhattan was rebuilding now, and with that Atmey was out of the picture of when they would be playoff contenders again. Traded to Buffalo for a 1st, 2 2nds and some prospects. Atmey finished the season in Buffalo. With a combined total of 25 goals, 28 assists for 53 points. T-16 in points for that season.
S42-S45 were downgrade seasons for Atmey. In Buffalo, scoring 39,44,37, and 41 points. This wasn't what Atmey was used to. S46 however, the user behind Atmey, Velevera won the expansion bid. And with that, Atmey was selected by the Chicago Syndicate in the expansion draft.
S46 was the 2nd breath of life for Atmey in his career. Getting over a PPG for the first time since his 62 point season. Atmey scored 27 goals, 28 assists for 55 points. Getting the 2nd All Star Team and t-8th in points for that season. S47 was even better for Atmey. 24 goals, 34 assists for 58 points. Only 3rd All Star Team though, and t-5th in points for that season.
S48 was another strong season. 20 goals, 21 assists for 41 points. S49 Atmey was traded to Los Angeles in his final season. Scoring 17 goals, 20 assists for 37 assists. Finally retiring that season.

When retired, Atmey played 851 games, 364 goals, 436 assists for 800 points. Good for 16th most points in the league at that time. A player who didn't show up in the awards voting. Yet a player who was in the top 10 scoring in the league 5 times over his career, and a couple times in the top 15. Atmey got his flowers in S40 where he got his lone nomination for the Ron Mexico. Combined that and being a x7 All Star in various groups(x1 1st, x3 2nd, x3 3rd). Atmey was one of the best players during his time in the league. Cementing himself in the top 75 SHL players of all time

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