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SHL75: #30: Ryan Jesster

Ryan Jesster

Season 1. First Overall. Hall of Fame. Rookie Award Named after him. What else can you say about Ryan Jesster? In a world of firsts, and accolades, what more do you want. Playing in 4 different Era’s, Jesster played in it all, and thrived.

Starting off in S1, going 1st Overall to the Calgary Dragons. He was meant to be the cornerstone of the franchise for seasons to come. The first season in the league, Ryan went 13-18-9 with 3 shutouts and a .929 SV%.
S2, Ryan did a lot better as well as the team. Going 19-16-2 with 3 shutouts and a .929 SV%. With more wins than losses, with another great SV%, he earned his 1st John McBride award.
S3 also saw similar numbers, 18-16-5 with 4 shutouts and a .928 SV%. S4 saw McBride have an excellent season on a very shitty Calgary Dragons team that season. GOing 13-23-4 with 2 shutouts. It did not look like a great season. However, he had a .931 SV%, earning him another McBride nomination. He also won the Sarmad Khan for player voted MVP.

S5 & S6 saw good seasons again for Jesster. Both with winning records, decent save percentages. Nothing to really note
S7 Jesster earned his 3rd McBride nomination. Going 26-20-4 with 2 shutouts and a .918 SV%. He played well enough to earn another nomination.

S8 saw Jesster finally get his dues. With a Calgary team that is competing, both Jesster and Calgary won their first Challenge Cups. With that, Jesster had a record of 30-14-0 with 3 shutouts and a .922 SV%. For that effort Jesster won all the awards he could have. Winning his first McBride, winning the Honcho, winning the Khan for player voted MVP. For the playoffs he won the Anton Razov as well. Only thing he wasn't even nominated for was Ron Mexico, which goalies were not even nominated for until McBride and Aittokallio in later seasons.

S9 came and in the inflation era, he put up great numbers for that time. Going 30-13-0 with 3 shutouts and a .89 SV%. He was nominated again for the John McBride, won the Sarmad Khan for player voted MVP, and nominated for the Anton Razov. Even more importantly, he won his 2nd Challenge Cup too.

S10 was his final season getting nominated for anything. It also happened to be the best winning season of his career. Going 39-3-2 with 4 shutouts and a .900 SV%. He was nominated for the McBride for the final time, making it 5 McBride noms and 1 Win for his career.

S11 & S12 were his final seasons as a starter. Going 26-13-5 and 22-13-4 respectively. S13  he only played 16 games, S14 only 2 games before retiring.
For his career he racked up a record of 289-195-51 with 28 shutouts and a career SV% of .913. Playing the most games as a goalie so far with 544, he was the gold standard of what a goalie was.
1 Razov Win, 1 Razov Nom, 2 Challenge Cups, 5 McBride Noms, 1 McBride Win, 1 Honcho Win, and 3 Khan Wins. Jesster rightfully deserved to be on this list at 30

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An absolute stud. Fantastic pick and placing.

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Great read!

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First season and first overall? Nice I wanted to know who was the first overall pick of the league.

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