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(GRADED)DEEP DIVE 2: Maine The Champions
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The Maine Timber came into this season with high hopes of finishing high in the standings and going deep into the playoffs. the mid season outlook has them doing just that as they are sitting third in the league just behind Quebec at first and Colorado in second. the three teams are divide by only 5 points and Quebec has 1 game in hand on both Colorado and Maine. Colorado and Quebec are both tied with a 21-3-0 home record for first in the league where Maine is holding down sole first place on the road with a 13-7-2 record for their efforts.

Edouard Lavoie is first on Maine scoring with 29 goals, 30 assists and 59 points with a +/- of 18. Ace Guilded is second in scoring with 18 goals, 36 assists and 54 points with a +/- of 28. Both Lavoie and Guilded are center icemen and having great seasons as a staple 1, 2 punch for the Timber. Jeff Goldblum is the teams +/- leader a +32 rating and 23 points on the season. As far as defensemen point leaders go, Teal'c is the teams leader with 15 goal, 21 assists and 36 points holding a respectable +/- of 19. They are followed behind by Wain Gretski with 4 goals, 21 assists and 25 points with a +/- of 15. Closely behind Gretski is a 2 way tie from Jeff Goldblum and Will Nuck, Goldblum has 3 goals, 20 assists and 23 points on the campaign with that stellar +32. Nuck has an unbelievable 9 goals, 14 assists and 23 points with a low +7 for such a powerhouse of a team.

The Timber have one goal in mind this and every seasons and thats to win. They have built a great dynasty over the last decade plus with league titles and four star cups. This team has a clear blueprint of successes and their winning ways are continuing. It will be a hurdle after this season is finished with the newly announced expansion team off shots. What Main will do is still up in the air and it will be a challenge for them to hold onto their all star caliber team and continue their winning ways while having to give up a piece or two due to the impending expansion draft rules. The Timber have built a great graduation system with their team where they see a certain percentage of players age out of their program each season, only to have the at years draft replenish what they have just lost to the SHL.

Sense season 67 the Timber have been blesses with 3 cups. season 67 was also the Timbers first cup in franchise history and the beginning of what has become a great dynasty. Sense 67 Maine has brought home 3 regular season titles as well. The last 5 seasons not including the current year have seen the team bring home 5 consecutive divisional titles paired with 5 consecutive conference final appearances. The team may sit second in their division this season and third in the league, they still look very strong and ready to take on the league with an attempt to make a late season push for a league title, a divisional title and the holy grail, a Four Star Cup!


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