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S75 DFA Bounties #1 - The Past Due: Sunday, March 3rd @ 11:59 PM PST

Hello new players!

From the Trade Deadline to the posting of the first task completable for TPE, whether that be the Interested Prospects Threads, Early Bird PT, Mock Draft, etc., DFAs will be able to complete weekly DFA Bounties. These Bounties will function practically identically to PTs, but with money instead of TPE, and will be posted in this part of the forums. By writing 250 words or completing a graphic for a certain prompt, DFAs will earn $500,000 for their bank accounts, with a cap of 4 completed bounties ($2,000,000).
It's a bit late in the season, but I am now pleased to bring you the first S75 DFA Bounty:

Written Task: Only the best of the best make it into the SMJHL. Junior players from all over the world come to this league in the hopes of being drafted, becoming a successful SMJHL player and continuing that success in the SHL. But we all have a history too. What is your history? Where did you play? How did you do? How did your career look so far, and what aspects of your player in their pre-SMJHL career is going to make your player succeed? (250 word min.)

Graphic Task: Pictures say more than a thousand words. Show us a pic of the young you, playing hockey. Include your player name and a render of your younger self, and at least one statline.

Reward: $500,000

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S76 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S77) are eligible for this bounty.

Deadline: Sunday, March 3rd @ 11:59pm PST

[Image: pyro182.gif]

Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

Who am I? Some of you may already know. DSFL legend, 1st overall pick, the MOUSE who brings down the HOUSE. Roquefort Cotswald. A rare two sport player, he's a cornerback by day and a ice-defender by night. How does he do it? Unrelenting diet of pure cheese. Some say he's propelled by lactose intolerance, others say he's incredibly tolerant. Few know the truth. Addicted to playing defense, this mouse is here to shut people down in the air and on the ice. Born in Besancon, France - his parents, international cheese merchants, brought him to Wisconsin at a young age to corner the Midwestern cheese market. A standout athlete at a young age, it was impossible to ignore the attention of local school coaches in Wisconsin - not much else to do but play Hockey. Knowing nothing about hockey (literally, I know nothing) this guy took to the ice like a rat to a subway. A naturally quick skater, Roquefort did what he does best - dominated. He may have been playing against middle-schoolers because they didn't know what grade to put a mouse in - but nonetheless he was a beast (a literal animal) (an actual, genuine animal) (i'm a mouse) (((no i'm not a furry))) and took over that local league in the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin. And now he's here.. to take over the SHL. Woe to the fools who pass on him, cheers to the wise who pursue him. The mouse is in the house.

[Image: draft-ad.png?ex=66247d0e&is=6612080e&hm=...cddcfb611&]

I grew up homeless on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Growing up, I was never like the other kids. I was always being made fun of for being poor and for my skin tone, as despite my last name and the latino blood in my veins, I am very much white. I took up field hockey as a way to escape the real world, and it's then when my pent up aggression manifested in my playstyle. I hit so often and so hard that my teammates grew to both respect and fear me, calling me the "Tijuana Tornado" because "anyone that gets caught in my path will get destroyed". Eventually, a scout from the Aztec Eagle Warriors approached me after a game,  suggesting that I practice with their team. I had to completely learn how to skate on ice, but after a few years of effort and development, I finally got to a place where I felt comfortable enough with my defensive game on the ice. Now, I look to take my talents to the SMJHL and eventually the SHL, with one goal in mind. 

I don't just want to get drafted. I want to be someone that kids who are growing up like I did can look up to. I want to be "The One Who Made It Out", the walking and talking proof that it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you put in the effort, you too can become whatever you want to be. Get ready, SMJHL, because there's a Tornado heading your way, and he's about to blow you ALL away.

Knights Knights Knights

Trevor "The Tijuana Tornado" Lopez

[Image: mkzrdyk.png]

In life, Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen (born Smitty Werben) wasn't actually a hockey player. Instead, he became famous for being a superfan of the unimaginatively named Bikini Bottom Hockey Team. With his red Hockey Team shirt and his signature "Number 1" cap, Smitty didn't just attend every game-- he never missed a minute of play in his 21 years of adulthood. He was memorialized with a special "#1" headstone, though his hat was stolen during the funeral.

After a strange situation in which his hat was returned and stolen again, Smitty found himself as an undead skeleton caught between life and death. With all the time in the world on his hands, he decided it was time to learn how to actually play the sport he loved instead of just watching others. Using his ability to raise other fish from the dead, he formed amateur teams to hone his new craft. After a (fish's) lifetime of work, Smitty's knowledge and drive had created too big of a gap between him and his living dead peers. Since fish aren't usually that good at hockey, he even found himself too good (and more importantly, ineligible) to play for Bikini Bottom.

As a skeletal construct, Smitty found he had the ability to go on land. He found the SMJHL and convinced HO to let him enter the draft despite being a large, undead tunafish. The SMJHL will be his first foray into professional hockey, but two decades of following the sport and two more decades of practice poise him as a potential sleeper pick for any team in need of a physical, two-way defensefish.

[Image: KOKeZZJ.png]
[Image: UCTqPUg.png]

As a young boy, Skyler Stevens was totally obsessed with hockey. He fell in love with the SHL and his hero Mats Marner and wanted to be just like him. Stevens embarked on a rigorous training regimen of ice drills and dry land training, with his community having state-of-the-art facilities both on the ice and off of it. He quickly found he excelled at skating and his shot was among the best no matter where he played. His ability to find and create open space was unmatched, so he was a top player in U14, U15, and U16 leagues across Toronto. Now, he embarks on his greatest challenge yet: the SHL universe. He knows that he is entering a world where only the best survive, and he knows how hard he has to scratch and claw for every inch of success. But he’s always been up to those challenges, and so he enters with the confidence that he can and will be the very best, that nobody will find the net like he can. For the only time in his life so far, he’s the underdog, and he thrives on doubt more than could ever be expected of someone whose youth was lined with excellence. He takes on the SMJHL with but one single goal in his mind: To be the best hockey player the world has ever seen, and he knows that if he keeps working the way he always has, he can be the best of all time. Now, he just has to do the hard part: Prove it.

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