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Deep Dive #1 - A brief history of the Armada

The only SMJHL team I'd had played for had been the St. Louis Scarecrows.  So when I created my newest player and my old pal Gabe reached out to let me know that Anchorage was interested in bringing my player aboard, I was over the moon!  So, since I will be proudly wearing the Anchorage Armada jersey for the forseeable future, I figured it just made sense to do my first deep dive on the history of the Armada.  So here goes nothing:

Inagural season - There isn't much information about the first ever season that the SMJHL had, what I have found is that the Anchorage Armada were first known as the Prince George Firebirds and they were called this for the first 17 seasons in the SMJHL.  The teams first GM was named Gibson and Gibson led the Prince George Firebirds to the first ever Four Star Cup.  That's right, the first time the Four Star Cup was ever hoisted in the air in celebration, it was done by the team that is now known as the Anchorage Armada.

S2 - S17 - The Firebirds went on to win 2 more Four Star Cups during this span S4 and S8, and had 11 different GMs at the helm.  From the records I saw, their best season during this era came in S8 with a record of 33-5-2 which was capped off with their third Four Star Cup.

S18 - S24 - Looking to shake things up in S18, the Firebirds relocated to the southern most city that the franchise has been to, sunny Regina. There is not too much to call out for the Regina Force, their best regular season record druing that time was a 19-16-5.  

S25 - S41 -  Finding the warming climate not to their liking, the team packed up and moved back to Prince George. It wasn't immediate success when the Firebirds returned, but they did end up posting the best record in the league during S38, finishing with a record of 33-16-1, they made it to the finals that season as well, and in a some sort of bird fight, the Firebirds came out on top of the Detroit Falcons.  Earning the franchise their fourth Four Star Cup.

S42 - Present - It was after the 41st season of the SMJHL that the team adopted the city and team name that we all know them by now.  The Prince George Firebirds flew north to Anchorage, Alaska to get their sea legs going.  The Anchorage Armada set sail in S42. Since having anchored in Anchorage (sorry, I had to), the Armada have been a mainstay in the SMJHL.  They have only missed the playoffs twice in this time period, they have made it the Four Star Cup finals 6 times in this span, including 4 final trips in a row (S57 - S60) winning the Four Star Cup twice, in S51 and S57, bringing their total cups to 6.

So here we are in S75, what does this season have in store for the Armada?  i for one can not wait to find out!

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