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Deep Dive #2 - The S59 class, where are they now?

The S59 SHL draft class was a pretty large class, with a lot of anticipation, and a little drama as well. With 16 seasons under their belt, there aren't many active players left. We’re going to take a quick look at where the remaining active players are now, and how their careers played out, as this class hits retirement. We’ll mostly stick to SHL achievements

Videl Valor, left wing, 1276 TPE
After going undrafted in the SMJHL draft, Valor was taken with the 32nd pick by the Manhattan Rage. However, they never played a game for Manhattan and were traded to the Calgary Dragons, where they played 2 seasons. Valor has bounced around the league a bit, getting ice time for Edmonton, Toronto, New Orleans, and Texas. While a cup has eluded them, Valor won the Jay McDonald award for most goals in a season, as well as Richan and Dar noms, and a 1st team all star appearance.

Salzberger Lillehammersson, right wing, 1231 TPE
Lillhammersson was taken with the 29th pick in the SHL by the Atlanta Inferno, and has been a presence there on the ice ever since. With almost 1000 games for the Inferno, Lillhammersson won a cup there in S66. Lillhammersson also grabbed a couple of 3rd team all stars, in seasons 67 and 72, and a Jeff Dar nom in S68.

Angus McFife XVII, right defense, 1164 TPE
The Inferno grabbed another win here, drafting McFife with the 17th overall pick in the draft. The Inferno must have something in the locker room cooler as McFife also has spent their entire career in Atlanta red, although that is soon to end as they are retiring at the end of S75. Besides the S66 Challenge cup, McFife has 5 total all star selections as well as 2 Scott Stevens and one Bojo Biscuit nomination.

Miguel Hefeweizen, right defense, 1123 TPE
The 7th overall pick in the SHL draft, Hefeweizen headed to San Francisco, where he spent 7 seasons playing for the Pride before being traded to Winnipeg, where he spent the rest of his career. Hefeweizen played center until he switched to defense in S73. While Hefeweizen won a Challenge Cup on the Aurora in S72, his trophy case is otherwise pretty sparse, with a single 3rd team all star selection in S69. Hefeweizen will be hanging up the skates at the end of the season.

Sven Svechnikov, left defense, 1052 TPE
The British defenseman was taken with the 4th overall pick by the Edmonton Blizzard, where he spent 4 seasons. Svechnikov also spent time in Manhattan and then New England, where he played the final 6 seasons of his career before announcing his retirement. Svechnikov grabbed 2 Challenge Cups for the Wolfpack, in seasons 70 and 74, and won the Turd Ferguson award for most penalty minutes in S71.

Ryuuji Kawashima, left defense, 963 TPE
Kawashima headed to Toronto, who took him 6th overall, before playing for both Winnipeg and Edmonton. Kawashima spent the first 10 seasons of their career at center before switching to defense. A Challenge Cup winner with Edmonton in S73, Kawashima has no other awards of note.

Makrus "The Tater" Jager, center, 905 TPE
Taken by the Edmonton Blizzard with the 24th pick in the draft, Jager spent 4 seasons there before heading to the Wolfpack for the rest of his career. Jager has seen quite a bit of success on the ice, with 2 Challenge Cups in New England. Jager also has a Ron Mexico in S68 as well as Khan, Dar, and Richan noms, and 3 selections to the all star team.

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