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Deep Dive #2 Top Blueliners
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As someone who recently created as a defenseman, I thought it would be both interesting and beneficial to take a look at the top performing defenseman in the SMJHL this season. 

Top Point Getter- Brooklyn Physt.  Raptors Brooklyn has been a beast for the Colorado Raptors this season putting up 52 points in 54 games. This makes them the closest defenseman to having over a point per game. This is Brooklyn's first season with the Raptors after previously playing for the Knights and Armada. It seems this change in uniforms has been beneficial for both the player and their team and hopefully for them this success can continue into the playoffs. Some attributes that set Brooklyn apart from their peers are puck handling (15), offensive read (15) and speed, acceleration and agility (All 15).

Top Goal Scorer- (Two Way Tie) Brooklyn Physt  Raptors and Teal'C Timber . Since the last paragraph was all about Brooklyn I'll talk about Teal'C in this one. This is Teal'Cs third season in the SMJHL as well as their third with Maine. With 11 games remaining in the season, Teal has already matched their previous point total with 44 and are one off of their career high. Goal scoring wise however, they have 17 which is already a career high. Some of Teal'Cs ratings that I believe helped with the goalscoring are offensive read (15), speed (15), and shooting accuracy (13). 

Takeaways- Eric Vanderberg Jr.  Berserkers Vanderberg is in their second SMJHL season with the Berserkers. With 88 takeaways they have proven they have what it takes to be a solid defenseman and have earned their team possession of the puck more times than any other defenseman this season. Looking at their ratings, it is clear to me that Vanderberg is mostly focused on being a defensive defenseman. Some of the attributes I believe helped them achieve first in the league in takeaways are defensive read (16), positioning (13) and stick checking (13).

+-- Juan Tymer.  Citadelles Many hockey fans and statistic analysts agree that +- is one of the most useless stats in hockey. While this is true to an extent, I believe that you at least have to hold your own to be a league leader. On a team that is in first place in the league Juan has done just that. In 54 games played Juan has 51 points, which is second in the league among defensemen. Out of the 40 assists Juan has 35 of them came even strength, which goes to show that not many of the young Latvians points come easy. Some of Juans attributes I think contribute to their success are defensive read (15), offensive read (14), and passing (14).

Blocked Shots- Stormlord Imotekh.  Falcons just like +-, blocked shots is another controversial statistic. High blocked shots are often a sign of a team that gets stuck in their defensive zone and gives up a lot of shots. With this said, I think as an individual stat, blocked shots are still very important. In their third season with the Falcons Imotekh has shown selflessness time and time again to make sure their goalie doesn't have to face shots. Some attributes I think contribute to this selflessness are shot blocking (15), defensive read (15), and positioning (14).

Great write up!

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