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Deep Dive #2 - AuggieO tries Diving Deep with the Yukon Malamutes
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Hello! Today we will be taking a look into the SMJHL team, the Yukon Malamutes Malamutes . They are currently ranked number 8 in the league, but are only 1 point under Great Falls and the players are hot on the tails of the Grizzlies, hoping to slide up on the leader board after their next game. 

As @Carpy48 explained to me, the teams are ranked by points, not necessarily by just their wins. She states that "If a team wins a game, they get 2 points. If they lose in OT or in a shootout they get 1..." This is how YUM has 62 points this season, with 29 wins in regulation and 4 wins in overtime. They are smack dab in the middle of the leaderboard so far this season- with QCC being number 1 with 83 points and STL being number 14 with just 27. 

Yukon boasted 5th place in the pre-season with only 2 losses, but despite their hopes and dreams- instead of climbing up the board they have fallen down 3 slots. 

Langston Hardison-Laurent is ranked number 1 on YUM with 74 points so far this season. He has played all 55 games and has scored 26 goals and has 48 assists under his belt. This is his third season playing for YUM. In season 73 he was a RW, and has switched to LW for the past two seasons. He scored 55 goals in his last season, averaging .83 goals per game. With only 11 games left this season Langston Hardison-Laurent would need to score 29 goals in the next 11 games to match his previous numbers- which is 2.6 goals per game. Unfortunately for YUM fans- and for Langston Hardison-Laurent- this does not seem to be a possibility. 

Lets take a look at one of the other highly ranked players, Vyacheslav Shevchenko, who is on his 4th season on YUM. He clocks in at 6 foot 2 inches at a fit 192 pounds. He has been a center for all 4 seasons- and has been getting better each year. His first season only saw 6 goals by his stick- 2nd and 3rd season had 24 each- and so far this season he is at 35 goals! A new record for him. He also has an outstanding 1102 minutes on the ice so far this season. He is definitely a favorite among YUM. As he looks to move to the SHL next season we will be following along to see where he ends up. 

Vyacheslav Shevchenko and Langston Hardison-Laurent each got 2 minutes in the penalty box in their last game against VAN. Vyacheslav Shevchenko for cross-checking and Langston Hardison-Laurent for roughing. Their teammate, Jaxson Reaper had 2 penalties of 2 minutes each. The first for cross checking and second for hooking. Jaxson Reaper is a LD on his 3rd season with YUM. He has played 55 games so far this season with all 66 games played in his first 2 seasons. He has an impressive ATOI of over 20 minutes each season.

Thanks for coming along on my 2nd deep dive.


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