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Deep Dive #1 - Nevada's Very Own

The 36th state, Nevada, is today known for gambling in the desert. Walking down the strip and making poor life decisions are more modern conventions though. When the state was inaugurated into the Union on October 31, 1864, its identity was that of war. For reference, that date lands in the middle of the American Civil War, and a looming re-election for President Lincoln. For this Deep Dive we look beyond the Strip and towards the Dodge Ram 1500 Hellcat Memorial Arena, home of the Nevada Battleborn, at what makes their branding such a stellar representation of Nevada, and an excellent example of team branding. 

The name, Nevada Battleborn, is the first punch in the face. For a hockey team, it’s evocative. As an unofficial state motto, it’s grandiose. Born in the middle of the civil war, though not a site of any battles, Nevada can hold its head high as a proud member of the Union, and harnessing those ideals sends the message that fans want to hear: “We stick to our guns, and our guns are fierce!” You may have noticed, though, that I said unofficial state motto. The actual motto, “All for Our Country”, tells the same story of patriotism, though “Nevada Countrymen” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. Neither is it the official state nickname, that being the “Silver State'' due to the large mineral deposits found in Nevada. (And that California already took the moniker of “The Golden State” with its famous gold rush). The season 55 team goes with the people’s motto, though, and the one based on strong moral ideals. 

Moving onto the next thing that people see, the team logo has a fierce-looking ram. This is obviously an homage to the Desert Bighorn Sheep, the state animal of Nevada. This species of sheep is known for two things: Their endurance, and their iconic horns. Starting with their endurance, just like the citizens and players of Nevada itself it manages to thrive in the harsh desert environments that it calls home. It’s able to go for months without drinking water, and its temperature can fluctuate far more than most other animals safely. Once again a solid choice has been made for sending a message, since hockey players need to be equally tough to make it on the ice.

This specific ram, too, shows off the magnificent horns that the bighorn sheep is famous for. Long and curling, this ram is old and wizened, a leader of the herd. This is no small feat for a bighorn sheep, as their herds can grow up to a size of 100 sheep, and they have to fight hoof and horn to get to the top. Team players, every last one. Just like the most efficient athletes.

Speaking of rams, finally we come to the stadium name. After convincing a new fan of how the players are not only extremely tough, but also idealistic and cooperative, they buy tickets to the game and are greeted with a memorial for the Dodge Ram 1500 Wildcat. This engine is iconic in the world of trucks, a high-performance innovation that’s only recently been phased out. This arena, the fan life, is exciting. Like the roaring of a big truck’s engine, this arena will be loud. It will be packed. It will give you the time of your life watching these players take to the ice like soldiers to battle, push through their opponents like rams through mountainous terrain, and finally carry the team with all the power of a V8 engine.

These are the symbols of the Nevada Battleborn, and by the snowy mountains on the state seal are they effective.


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