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S75 DFA Bounty 2 - The Present Deadline: Thursday March 14th @ 11:59pm PST
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The second DFA bounty:
You've made it. You're on the list to be drafted into the SMJHL.

Written Task: Write a summary of your scouting profile, highlighting why you you're expected to do well in the upcoming draft (250 word min.)

Graphic Task: Show us the cover photo for your scouting file. Must include your render, name, position and nationality.
Reward: $500,000 for doing one of the above

Only current SMJHL Draftable Free Agents (S76 SMJHL Draftees, SHL class of S77) are eligible for this bounty.
There is no need to claim this anywhere. After grading the money should pop up in your account 'automatically'.

Deadline: Thursday March 14th @ 11:59pm PST

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Smirnov Light III Scouting Profile

Hailing from Los Angeles, Smirnov Light III comes from an agency with strong ties to the Simulation Hockey League. His agency had their first representative ~66 seasons ago and understands how to develop successful players. Smirnov, with a strong agency behind him, will be expected to be a prime prospect for the Simulation Hockey League for his intangibles as well as his skills on the ice.

On the ice, Smirnov is a strong and tall center capable of winning many face-offs and is responsible in his own end. SMJHL scouts have begun outreach to the agency as they understand that Smirnov would be capable of manning a middle-line unit when he begins his career and has the potential the be a centerpiece for a SMJHL franchise towards the tail-end of his juniors career. Not only is Smirnov capable of winning face-offs, he is an extremely balanced creator in the offensive zone, capable of creating high-leverage scoring chances due to his shooting and passing capabilities. The skills mentioned prior are complimented by his prime skating ability, Smirnov is very strong on his edges and can maneuver in ways that many players in the SMJHL may not be able to. Packaged together, the skills mentioned above support why Smirnov should be ranked highly in the SMJHL draft.

Outside of his skills, Smirnov possesses a few intangibles that teams will likely prioritize. GMs may become more comfortable with him given his agency background as they have plenty of money to spend on training outside of what the team may provide. While maintaining a balanced perspective, there has also been a history of underperforming players in the agency. Those who look to draft Smirnov understand his capabilities, be it from the highs in the SHL or elsewhere, and should be willing to take a chance on a potential SMJHL star.

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Written Task: Write a summary of your scouting profile, highlighting why you you're expected to do well in the upcoming draft (250 word min.)

May O'Nayse Scouting Profile:

Height: 5'6
Weight 150 lbs
Born: Orem, UT, USA



May O'Nayse is a diminutive forward from the USA but what she lacks in size, she makes up with great athleticism on the ice. Known as being one of the fastest skaters capable of beating players down the ice whether on the attack or assisting on defense to break up sure breakaways, she certainly can use this advantage against slower skaters. She can accelerate and get to her top speed quickly and her ability to change direction and blow past opponents should have scouts excited!

Balanced Style of Play

O'Nayse is a winger with a lot of talent and while most of her talent really shines with her athleticism she can use her overall hockey ability to do well on the ice. May is not specifically gifted is one particular area and while she is not a top assist getter or goal scorer, she can be solid in both areas. As she grows into her game, perhaps she will find a niche for something but in general she has learned to be good in most areas rather than great in one and it has helped her so far in her young hockey career.

Ability as a Potential Goal Scorer

We mentioned May O'Nayse's ability as a potential all around player but we do see some things to make us believe that she could be a great goal scorer at the next level of competition in professional hockey in the SMJHL. She has a knack for being able to get open for scoring opportunities and when she does, her shots are powerful and accurate and she can score at multiple levels on the ice. There sometimes is some hesitation on the decision making on when to pass or when to shoot but in general, the gifts and foundations are there for a player who could be a lead goal scorer for a team or a league even.



We mentioned it a bit when talking about her athleticism but May's size could certainly be a concern as she is on the ice. While she does pack a punch with all her 150 pounds, she is just 150 pounds and stands at just 5'6 which could pose problems close to the goal against bigger, taller defenders. She can hopefully utilize her speed and puck handling ability to keep with it but overall might find herself being tossed around by the big brutes at some point. Her toughness level and skill should hopefully alleviate this but it at least is a thought when her name is brought up in scouting.

Defensive Ability

May is a great all-around hockey player when you look at everything, however, one of the bigger knock on her games are her propensity to use her skill for offense rather than defense and it can show. She is not a big strong checker and in general just tries to use her athleticism to do the work. She also is not a big shot blocker either so in general, if she can't catch up and steal pucks, a lot of opposing forwards could find it easy to work against O'Nayse. It is certainly somewhere she needs to work on but with a little focus there she could find herself be at least useful on the defensive end, she has the IQ for it.


While we talked about not having a ton of defensive ability and that certainly goes into this, May lacks some versatility in her game overall. At each level she has played at, she has solely been on the right wing from youth hockey to high school and to college, it has all been in the same position. She has even mentioned this as a request that she has had because it is where she is able to shine and hey, she is potentially going to be drafted so it has worked so far at least a little! If she is asked to play elsewhere, she likely would but may struggle and in general she would have to stick with a wing. With weaker defense and a lack of faceoff ability, she is essentially a winger and nothing more. That is not bad of course but something to consider.

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What comes to your mind when you think of the word "Tornado"? Wild, destructive, obliterating anyone or anything that gets in its path. The Tijuana Tornado is just that, but with a DAMN fine beard.

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Trevor "The Tijuana Tornado" Lopez

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Name: Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen
Position: Left Defense
Age: Unknown, possibly immortal
Height: 6 foot 7 inches
Weight: 265 pounds
Handedness: Right
IIHF Country: Currently lacks an IIHF or WJC destination, both due to the Marshall Islands' lack of designation and due to his questionable citizenship.
Special Notes: Skeletal fish man (no really)

It's difficult to believe I'm writing about the skeleton of a fish that walks on two legs, has the brain capacity of a human, could possibly live forever, and uses these evolutionary miracles to come on land and play professional hockey, but here we are. Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen hails from under the sea. Due to the low attention our scouts give to scuba diving, all history information herein is provided by Werbenjaegermanjensen himself and is generally unverifiable. He played for an estimated 40 years in the Bikini Bottom Graveyard League, setting himself apart as a key piece for whichever team he was assigned each year. After growing bored with the amateur league due to lack of competition, he's come to try his hand at professional hockey topside.

Despite questionable hockey experience, Werbenjaegermanjensen was approved for the SMJHL draft based on his tryouts. Don't let the fragile-looking appearance fool you, he has the potential to be a tough player. His current grades are fairly well-rounded with strong spots in playmaking and smart, positional defensive play. I project him as a solid two-way defender with potential to improve on both sides of the rink thanks to heightened competition. Aggression is a slight issue. If you'll pardon the pun, he still believes he's a big fish in a small pond. While other rookies are more reserved, Werbenjaegermanjensen isn't afraid to get physical on the ice. He hasn't started a fight yet, but it's a good possibility.

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