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Dear Carolina.

Home: is a safe and comfort place. Somewhere where you can be yourself and build memories.
Family: a group of individuals who love and trust each other unconditionally. 

They never tell you that tutorial while making a player the impact your J’s team has on you. They never tell you that the first team that drafts you is HOME and FAMILY.

Upon joining the league, I had zero expectations and no plans to truly stick around.  I am terrified getting scouting messages. I felt like everything I said was going to be wrong. I even remember asking Aephino what “LR” meant and what people want when they ask me “What are your goals for your player”. The scariest part was checking my phone and seeing a random friend request from some number guy. (and then of course it was screenshotted by Aephino and sent for every GM to see)

[Image: 3VtN1xa.jpeg]

Going into the draft, there was an assumption that I wanted to go to Detroit to be with Aephino. Which was a valid assumption but also far from the truth. I will say it over and over again..I like water over sky
[Image: yP3QQtE.jpeg]

Sve7en took a chance on someone who was not fully into the league. He very well could have let me fall down the draft board to a place where I expected to fall down to but he took that risk on me. Now whether this risk was because Sve7en is truly “Mr.Steal Ya Girl” or because he saw some sort of potential in me…I would like to say in a totally bias was not the worst risk he could have taken.

Now Carolina was my #1 team and was a team that I was hopeful to going to. I am not sure exactly what sold me on the team but there was something that gravitated me to them. And my gut feeling was right......

I feel like its hard to truly put into words the environment that Carolina has built. My initial words were unhinged, chaotic, insane. But the words I keep coming back to is family and home
These are the people I have cried to, fought with, laughed and wiggled with. They are some of the first people I talk to when I wake up and the last people I talk to before I go to bed. Sometimes I have no clue what is happening because somehow the discussion on what gatorade is happening and bad flavors are winning. Or everyones name is a different variation on “Mammoth of a _______” and the only way to tell them apart is from their pfp. Its kingdoms trying to be overthrown. Someone being sent to the dungeon. HR writeups being thrown at people left and right. So many EOTTIRDS (like so many) and wiggles. 7 selfies. Hi Chain with all other convos in meme chat just to avoid being the one yelled at for breaking it. A bunch of misfits squid in one locker room but it is beyond beautiful.

@sve7en I feel like I could go on and on in my thanks to you. Being someone who was the very first person to reach out to me….and then again when I ghosted. It means a bunch for someone to put their trust into an individual who was just here because they are forced to. You have non-stop supported me. Assisted me when I felt truly lost. And could ask for a better colleague, mentor and friend. I truly think without being around you, I wouldn't be where I am within the league. You deserve so much more recognition and appreciations for the players/users that you develop in the locker room. Sve7en always be cooking and I hope he has a big enough oven.

@Frenchie Thank you for always being my #1 fan. One of my biggest motivators (even though you convince me into things and ditch). But you are someone who hypes me up constantly and have truly been a rock for me during my first 4 seasons. You are someone who allows my silliness while protecting me from the danger of the pesky goblins. A true friend and I am so glad that I was honored of having you as a GM. I am so sad to see you go and spread you wings but I know you will do amazing things.

@Pyro182 @sliceruser oh gobbo gobbo gobbos. My first Carolina friends. You brought into Carolina with big open arms (or tentacles..i dont know). You were the two people who really got me out of my shell in the locker and I am sure some days we wish you didnt. The two people that I would square up against but at the same time want to hug. You both have allowed my insanity to come out and I don’t know to like or dislike you both for that.

@Rtpc31RENCE! Where do I start. We are graduating which makes me so so so sad. I have loved growing and playing fake hockey with you these past 4 seasons. I am Rence’s number 1 fan and have been since Day 1. You have grown from little Rencey to a fellow captain and seeing you grow has warmed my heart. But now I must hate you as I defeat you.

@xjoverax my graphics king. The EOTTIRD emote legend. You have grown tremendously in such a short time. I never know if I can take you serious or not but that is typical Carolina locker room fashion. I know the locker room can be a lot coming into at first because there is a full blown chaos train always but you are a Kraken at heart. You jumped right into that role like you have been here for seasons and I can not wait to continue to watch you grow within the league. 

@SloppyPainter no you can not have power and do not even try. You are mintylicious and a great addition to a locker room. You will forever be the one who gave birth to EOTTIRD (and i will continue to say that). A silly person who may be lost in the sauce constantly but you come into the locker room with so much enthusiasm as if you were just joining for the first time. Despite you being my dedicated bully, you are a gem at heart.

@Spritestuff @Mazatt Despite the mean things I say. And me acting like I do not appreciate y’all. Two of the most random, chaotic and unhinged people I have ever met. I do not know what is happening half of the time when you both speak but we can blame that on me being dumb. Your actual chaotic randomness whether its a mirror pic featuring a gnome or just dogs (yes both of them), you two bleed orange and maybe you should see a doctor.

@halanv3ntur3 Despite you being a ranch were one of my favorite scouting convos and still are. I appreciate your silliness and constantly hyping up the team (even if we are down bad). We could probably lose 0-20 with every player sick with a stomach bug and you would still be there telling us that we will get them next time. Your energy is loved. 

@Omij my braid bestie. Thank you for allowing me to braid your hair when Slicer left us and I was sad. You were also the only one to hype me up for not being last in fantasy. Your presence is loved and you are so much better in fantasy than me.

@Kalakar not a real Kraken but one at heart. You have been a special little addition and I am so happy to be able to call you a friend. From The Bear watch parties to just seeing what you have to say about different games. The other EOTTIRD legend. 1OA in 2 drafts and also 1OA in my heart.

And this is where I end this. While Betzee’s career is over with the Kraken and she moves up north to Manhattan where she will be the old lady star filled with Rage

but while my player is moving on….a piece of me will be staying. So anyone excited thinking that they are getting a break from my shenanigans, i am sorry...I will be stepping into my new role as Carolina Co-GM. I am beyond excited to continue to play a key role in the place that I love so much and have so much passion for. 


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NO EOTTIRD. Carolina Cup coming soon.

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See you up there... in a season or two!

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Kraken <3

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Thank you hewasajazzman, Slothfacekilla, Sulo, Frenchie, and Raymond for the sigs Smile

<3 i cant wait to hear of the suffering the next crew of squidletts have with you as gm

Stop it. This is so cute.

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. : [Image: zS2lCMp.png] : .

<3 Love ya bestie (you're still better at fantasy)

- Omij
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looking forward to being your teammate up in manhattan! o7

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“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. ... There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.”

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Congrats on the Carolina Co-GM! I had a feeling you'd go for it! Definitely deserved and holy heck this was a really cute farewell post! Look forward to playing against you again in a couple seasons, this time as a Dragon! >:D

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I thought EOTTIRD knife was bad but the cup might be worse!!

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03-16-2024, 07:23 AMAephino Wrote: I thought EOTTIRD knife was bad but the cup might be worse!!
[Image: e589ADq.png]

[Image: 1161116581909246052.gif?%60] [Image: kahri.gif][Image: 1161116581909246052.gif?%60]

Literally how dare you graduate. Im going to give Taylor Swift a UTI.

Once a Squidlet, always a Squidlet. Big love <3

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03-14-2024, 08:16 PMkahri Wrote: I will be stepping into my new role as Carolina Co-GM. 
Oh...uhhh, this is awkward...

Jokes aside, really excited for you bestie!! Glad you stuck around and became Queen of the Wiggles. Can't wait to see you take Carolina to new heights and Manhattan to new lows.  Tongue


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