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Deep Dive #2 Kelowna Rookies

In this deep dive I am going to look at the Kelowna rookies drafted this season and see how they stack up to the average rookies. By my calculations there are 61 skater rookies drafted in this class. So based on my calculations here are the numbers I will be comparing the rookies to. Average rookie goals 10.57, Average rookie assists 21.36, average rookie points 31.93, Average rookie +/- -16.03, Average rookie hits 95.93, Average rookie giveaways 34.21, Average rookie takeaways 34.10, Average rookies shots blocked 51.69, Average rookie shots on goal 113.93, Average rookie game rating 64.44. Kelowna drafted 5 rookies this season and finished 12th in the league. Lets see how these 5 rookies stack up. Lets dive in.
The first player drafted by Kelowna was Jennifer Huh drafted 4th overall. Jennifer did pretty well this season with 9 goals, 24 assists for 33 points. This puts Jennifer just under average for goals and just over for assists and points. Jennifer had a +/- of -39. Pretty far below average but no one on Kelowna is going to look great in +/-. Jennifer had 72 hits, 42 giveaways, and 31 takeaways. Putting Jennifer below the hits and takeaways average but above the giveaways average. Not that giveaways are good. Jennifer blocked 34 shots and took 113 shots. This puts Jennifer under the shots blocked average and equal to the shots on goal average. Jennifers game rating was 67. Jennifer performed just above the average for a rookie this season.

The second player drafted by Kelowna was Savva Kirik. Savva had 7 goals, 15 assists, and 22 points. Savva was below the rookie average for all 3 scoring categories, but is also a defenseman so I don’t expect large scoring numbers. Savva had a +/- of -43. Again below average but again Kelowna. Savva had 78 hits, 23 giveaways and 60 takeaways. Savva was below the hits average but was also below the giveaways average. Savva almost doubled the takeaways average which is great for Kelowna’s puck control. Savva blocked 93 shots and made 89 shots. Almost doubling the blocked shots average and falling a bit below the shots made average. Savva had a game rating of 64. Just over the average. What Savva lacked in offense they made up for in defense.

The third player drafted by Kelowna was Mark “The Tater Tot” Jagerson. Mark had 2 goals, 14 assists and 16 points. Mark was well below the average in all scoring stats. Especially for a forward. Marks +/- was -47 on par for Kelowna rookies. Mark had 88 hits, 16 giveaways, and 42 takeaways. Hits were below average but surprisingly giveaways were also half the average. Takeaways were above average for mark. Mark blocked 62 shots and took 66 shots. Mark had just over the average for shots blocked but half the average for shots taken. Probably why he didn’t have many points. Mark had a game rating of 65 which is right at the average. I was surprised when I first looked at his stat line to see an average game rating. Mark made up for his low point total with his defensive stats.

The fourth player drafted by Kelowna was Carter Stankoven. Carter had 13 goals and 18 assists for 31 points. Cater was a little over average goals and a little under average assists making his point total right at the average. Carter had a +/- of -46 on par for Kelowna at least. Cater had 92 hits, 68 giveaways and 31 takeaways. Carter’s hits were just under the average but the real concern here is the giveaways being twice the average. Cater blocked 34 shots and made 123 shots. Carter blocked below average number of shots while shooting just over the average number of shots. Carter had a game rating of 62 just below the average.

The fifth player drafted by Kelowna was Klims Jevsejevs. Klims had 12 goal and 21 assists for 33 points. Klims was above average on goals and assists putting them slightly above the average points. Klims +/- was -48. Klims had 102 hits, 59 giveaways and 23 takeaways. Klims was over the average on hits but way over on giveaways. Takeaways was also well under the average. Klims blocked 75 shots and made 110 shots. Klims was over the average on blocked shots while being under on shots taken. Klims game rating was 69. Klims was over the average game rating clearly had good scoring and blocking.

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