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S75 All Star Week Due: Sunday, March 31st @ 11:59 PM PST

1. Milestones

2a. I can't remember when Isaac Forty-One was traded but on the assumption it was in the mass Blizzard trade frenzy, I'd say the pair of them should be allowed to play together. They made the ASG on the strength of their play with Edmonton and with one another, let them ride one more time.
2e. Bluntly, Simo should have made the All Star Game because he's one of the best players at his position in his role in the J. The same thing happened last season - Simo was good enough as a defensive defenseman to get nominated for the Metzler but had to rely on the last man in voting to be acknowledged as one of the season's top defensemen, purely because his role is playing shutdown defense rather than playing as a fourth forward. No wonder people recreate as wingers and offensive defensemen, it's the best way to get recognition.

3. Ana Soderstrom was the only member of the Falcons in this year's All Star Game and setting aside my issues with that statement, if there was to be only one Ana was the right pick. Detroit plays a very defensive style of hockey as it is and while we're excellent at minimising the amount of work the goaltender has to do, Ana was even better at saving us in the games where the defense wasn't up to scratch. She's been a front-runner for rookie of the year all season and the buzz around her as a potential MVP winner is entirely justified - going from Wayne Holloway into Ana has done an absurd amount of work in keeping the Falcons competitive this year and, while the workload is going to get even heavier next season with so many early graduations, we're still in with a shot because Ana had just been so goddamn good.

4. Here I make myself no friends - the SMJHL All-Star Game has six teams with one representative. Five of them finished as the bottom five teams in the regular season; the one outlier was Detroit, who finished fourth. As I said above, Ana was an incredibly worthy entry, absolute all-star material, but this exposes a real failure with the way the ASG representatives are taken. Detroit plays very defensively and we don't have any massive scorers as a result - Marek Carda finished a fraction over point per game and was the only one - but the idea that the fourth-placed team in the league has literally no skaters worthy of being named an all star just doesn't make sense to me.

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Welcome to the hall, Ben!

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1. Milestones - 3 TPE

2. - 2 TPE

a: I’d like to see both players get a chance to play together one last time but I am going to play it safe and say that both options are good. Let them start it off playing together but then mix in some shifts with their new teammates. You can have the best of both worlds. That’s what makes all star games so fun.

c: This shouldn’t even be a question in my opinion. You give the start to the guy who earned it the most. No offense to the alternative option but they haven’t put in the same body of work. I have no doubt that both goalies will get playing time but if it’s up to you I’m starting the guy who earned it.

5. Graphic 3 TPE

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Milestones 2/3

2/8 total tpe

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1.  Zero Milestones met, I suck

a.  I think since the all-star game is about celebrating the season you have had, so it only makes sense to let Forty-One and Egli to take a victory lap and remind the league what a great two headed monster they were with the Blizzard. There will be plenty of time to see them bond with their new teammates next season.
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b.  In this situation, I can see both sides of the argument. I think it would be pretty cool to split the players up and let them showcase their talents with some different players to show exactly what Atlanta and Los Angeles have in their forward core. It will be the best way to showcase the talents of the players.
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c. Honestly the number of starts shouldn't be the stat that decides the starter in the game. I think you need to go with the goalie with the best stats. Now if for some reason one of the goalies was a back up all season, you have to go with the starter in the situation, for obvious reasons.
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d.  I think it is an incredible honor to skate out in front of the home fans as an All-Star. While it will be exciting for those fans there to see their hometown players represented, they are there to see the best of the best players put on an amazing show. 
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3. Well its another All-Star Game, and Shoyo Hinata is once again suiting up for the East representing the Atlanta Inferno. What more can we say about Shoyo, this is his 6th All-Star game appearance and they have all been 100% deserved. Shoyo is not only amazing on the ice, but one of the greatest locker room presences to boot. Sitting top 10 in the league in goals and points just emphasizes what a great player Hinata has become. This isn't to say he is the only great player on the Inferno, as his teammate Binko also made it and the fact is the team had 4 players score over 30 goals this season. But it is all of the other intangibles and his longevity and ability to put up eye popping numbers year after year, cements him as one of the greatest forwards in the game these days and should definitely cement him a place in the Hall when his days are done.
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4. The equal representation rule for the All-Star Game has always been a polarizing one. While both sides definitely have valid arguments on the subject I feel it does tend to water down the pool of players. I personally feel that electing the players with better stats to the game, make it more exciting and actually promotes the game the way it is supposed to be promoted. Now in saying that I totally understand the chances of having an interest in the game if your team isn't represented at all is basically eliminated, but if you are truly a fan of the game and not just a team the product will be so much better.
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Milestones +2 TPE

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Reviewing the offseason podcast +3 TPE


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1. SMJHL Milestones (Send-Down), +3 TPE

2a. I mean, if that many people were chosen to be on the All-Star squad from their prior team, isn't it a much more reasonable solution to just have them play together anyways? They can be on two separate pairings and play in tandem with each other. If Dirty Boots and Brandan Laroux are also on the team but are forwards, just have 'em play all at the same time! Easy. [70, +1, total 4]
2b. I dunno. I'm sure they're both pretty tired of sitting in one another's spot light and would benefit from ONE game separately. Just let 'em play on separate All-Star game lines and have them dominate. It's easy enough, and I'm sure they hold some degree of sway with regards to free agency. Let players be players. It's not tampering as far as I know. [64, +1, total 5]
2c. Uh, if it's the all star game, the starting goaltender should definitely be the one that had a better season. It's a symbolic game where players have fun and try their 'sort-of' best. Let the backup all-star nominee have some fun with it, but they haven't earned the same degree of symbolic representation as the starter, so they shouldn't play quite as much. Fans come to see the best players play. [71, +1, total 6]

4. I think the team's selections this season are fine in terms of team variety. Not every team necessarily needs significant representation, and I think there's a fair amount of grumbling from borderline players with better stats on better teams that get frustrated with every team getting representation. I don't think it's a great perspective to have, as some players definitely benefit from having better teammates and take that level of support for granted; I'm rather pleased with the selections in general, I just don't like it when meme players get nominated/voted in when there are indeed other players that might be worthy from the team(s) making those selections, but that doesn't seem to happen all that often. [118, +2, total 8]

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