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Deep Dive #1 - About Colorado Raptors Graduates.

Hello everyone. In this deep dive, I will talk about the players from the Colorado Raptors that are about to graduate to the Simulation hockey league (not junior major). usualy, a player completing their fourth year of junior hockey will automatically join the big leagues and begin their journey towards excellence. Sometimes, players leave earlier, such as after one season only, a phenomenon called a "True Rookie". I do not believe nor have any info about potential call ups from the Colorado Raptor, so I will limit this piece to those completing their fourth year in the minors.

The four candidates for automatic Promotion in dinoland are:
-Brooklyn Physt @CptSquall
-Xavier Beausoleil @Takk806
-Jussi Mutou @ThisSeemsFishy
-Valerija Serapin @Will3

Brooklyn Physt:

Physt is the only player of the four that was not drafted originally by the Colorado Raptors. She was acquired in a trade as a missing piece to a completed cup run. The raptors had just lost in the finals against Detroit Falcons in S74 and now the Gms wanted to complete the job. Physt acquisiton has smiled big time for the team. The defenseman has cumulated a total of 21 goals and 44 assists during the regular season, blocked 113 shots and had 119 hits. In the playoffs, she kept the point per game rythm up and also brought the hits and blocks. A STEADY piece on the backhand, who knows if we would have been in the finals without her. Also, the user known for the captaingebusiness emoji is also a solid locker room presence, it is not always easy to join a team after a trade and CptSquall, along with the other acquistions, have gelled with the team instantly, being friendly, respectful and positive. Physt will join the Toronto North Stars next season.

Xavier Beausoleil:

Xavier is a proud product of the colorado academy, a first overall in his entry draft, a HUGE locker room presence since his first days with us, and now the co-gm of the team. It's like he has been there forever and absorbed what it meant to be a Raptor only to reflect back the light on the newcomers he and NYR73 would draft. About the player tho: Beausoleil,s regular season career has been nothing but spectacular, becoming a leader in the whole colorado franchise but also in the SMJHL, just like his line partner Jussi mutou, but we will be back to him soon enough. A career statline of 112 goals, 206 assists, 318 points in 264 games. That his beyong spectacular. In the most recent playoffs, Xavier is already at 23 points, many clutch assists and goals. The stamp this player will leave on the dinosaur franchise will remain forever as a paragon of greatness. He will join the Monarchs next season, where they will need him to lift the franchise up.

Jussi Mutou:

Oh captain my captain. I'll be short on the statistics, the best raptor to ever lace the skates. A top amongst the top in SMJHL history. 158 goals, 172 assists, 330 points in 264 games. No dinos has scored at that pace ever. He kept the pace in our recent playoffs run, being already at 10 goals. But what will be remembered of Mutou is that despite the timezone difference, he is always active in the locker room, always has the right words, is a friendly presence and most of all, will tell you when you stink. Not everyone does that! Whats even more egregious is that while Mutou will go down as one of the best ever, he was a second round pick by the raptors, if there are steals in a draft, this one is the biggest heist ever recorded. SHL teams also drafted mutou in 2nd round, meaning he will join the Patriotes, a team that is, like the previous 2 players analysed here, desperate for talent to get out of their morosity. I am sure he will bring a solid presence to Montreal.

Valerija Serapin:

Serapin is an original raptor, drafted in the 3rd round by colorado. He is a defenseman and of the 4 players we see today, has been a more tranquil force than the others. While less spectacular, Serapin has been a rock we could rely on for the big defensive plays and some offensive support as well. In their career, they had 526 hits and 344 blocks, which is a lot for a team that wasn't always getting caught defending and farming these stats. They also racked up about 30 points per season, which is not bad for a defensive defenseman. Serapin will also join the patriots after this season concludes. The Patriots will gladly bring on the defensive talent and Serapin will have the occasion to straighten up the D-zone back into shape as they grow into a more mature player.

Good luck to these 4 players, they will always be welcome in the Colorado Raptors locker room as they were nothing less than exemplar blue and gold players.

Character Page RD- Quarterback
[Image: micool132.gif]

Retired players:
-Toki Wartooth
-Nathan Explosion btw
-Angus McFife XVIII

[Image: lUeg4KM.png]

Xavier Beausoleil will sorely miss his hockey family back in Denver. If he could stay another year, he definitely would!
While he will surely mourn his time as a Raptor, we ain't there yet!
Let's see Colorado bring the cup back in Denver for the first time in many seasons and as Raptors for the first time! Like a bamf once said, We're gonna win the cup!

Awesome Deep Dive Micool! Nothing but the best each time! ^^

Xavier Beausoleil
Position RW
Height : 6.5ft
Weight : 236lbs
[Image: Takk806.gif] [Image: sf4IwSc.gif]

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