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Deep Dive #2 - A look at Angus Mcfife Career

Hello, in this deep dive, I will analyse my former player's career, Angus McFife XVIII. While he played for the Colorado Raptors, which was the theme of my first deep dive, I will try to focus into his Atlanta Inferno career more to compensate.

Let's get the junior stuff out of the way first.

Angus joined the league for the S59 draft class. After a few scouting interviews, Angus' mind was on the Kelowna Knights, a team where micool132 played with his last 2 players, back in S20 and around S41 as well. However, a fortunate turn of events led him to Colorado and what would be one of the Blue and Gold team's biggest draft ever in terms of first round picks. Angus was drafted 7th overall, joining KEKW daKEKWMAN and Sotakov who went 1st and 3rd overall. Angus junior's career could be resumed by a guy slowly becoming one of the best, improving each season. The trend of scoring goals as a quarterback was there and would define his career in the major league. He ended his junior career with a total of 42 goals, 99 assists and most importantly, the aquila aguante award for the best defenseman, the first time a Colorado Captain won an award in what seemed like forever, earning him the Cursebreaker title. Unfortunately, there were no cups won in Colorado meaning that curse would have not ended yet.

Then, the Atlanta Inferno, still a fresh expansion team, drafted angus in the first round of the SHL entry draft. Angus was joining Puddles O'Duck and Michael Whitecheck on what would be one of the most stacked defensive core of the SHL'S modern history. The statistics these 3 would pile up, on the same team, at the same time, would be unmatched by any other team in the whole league. If you look at the league's leaders at the defense position, these 3 names appears in the top ten of all categories. In terms of goals, Angus Mcfife scored 204 in total during his career, good for the 2nd position in the league's history, only behind O'duck's 206 goals.

He also had 434 assists and a total of 638 points in 924 games, keeping a +364 ratio at the same time. Other than during his rookie year, Angus was proud to always have at least 40 points during his seasons. Before his career ended, he also broke the milestones of 1200 hits landed and 1700 blocked shots. All these numbers led him to a few awards, notably: 6 all-star team, including a 1st team, 2 scott stevens trophy nominations, and a bojo biscuit awards nomination.

The pinnacle of Mcfife's career however will always be winning the cup. He never takes winning it all for granted, it takes a combination of so many things to hoist the trophy, and that challenge cup the Inferno won in S66 will be forever one of the greatest moment in my sim hockey life. Everyone was happy, it was a hard fought battle, a bunch of friends celebrating the ultimate achievement.

Internationally, Angus only won a bronze medal with the British Isles at the WJC, after which he transfered to the nation of Czechia, which could grant him any other opportunity of medal, which is a bit sad. The group was solid however we couldn't seem to push it up to the medal rounds. With the new management, Angus recommended his clone Nathangus to rejoin Czechia as hopes for better days may arrive soon.

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