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S76 mPT #0: Fresh coat of paint Due: Sunday, April 7th @ 11:59 PM PST

I would switch the mustardy/gold yellow to a dark red and instead of the black/grey/white use a navy blue colour. I think this would look pretty decent, or I guess use a brighter yellow instead of the gold, but I figured that would be kind of cheating. This darker scheme might look nice for a fourth jersey, something different for the Chicago Syndicate!

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[Image: tylard13.gif]
Made by Rindiee, rum_ham & Carpy

Jacob Mueller S5-S
Julien Dupont S6-S13
S9 Challenge Cup - Calgary Dragons
IIHF Gold - Germany
Rufus Reinhart S13-S24
S14 Challenge Cup - Texas Renegades
Christoffer Björnsson - S25-S35
S25 Four Stars Cup
S26 Tom Corcoran Trophy - SMJHL Top Goalie

Sami Owens - S36-S52
S38 IIHF Bronze - Canada
S39 IIHF Gold - Canada
S42 IIHF Silver - Canada
S51 Challenge Cup Champion - HAM

Liam Slate - S54-Present
S53 WJC Bronze - British Isles
S54 WJC Silver - British Isles
S55 Four Star Cup Champion - Newfoundland Berserkers
S57 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S58 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S60 IIHF Silver - Great Britain
S61 IIIHF Gold - Great Britain
S67 Challenge Cup Champion - Seattle Argonauts
S68 Challenge Cup Champion - Seattle Argonauts
Triple Gold Club


The 4th jersey for the Wolfpack is just neon green and black. I can't get rid of green so easily, but we could use some kind of alternate scheme where we are the acid wolves rather than just regular wolves.

[Image: seamus.png]

Credit to Vulfzilla for the awesome render pic
[Image: gXlAFBa.png]|| [Image: 8CbZQAJ.png]

Speaking for Caroline Kraken, I would have their 4th jersey be a blackout jersey. Complete black with a black and white Kraken logo. Their gloves and helmet would be CAR orange for accents. 

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[Image: jovera.gif]

[Image: tZH05l4.png]

[Image: image.png?ex=661dd85f&is=660b635f&hm=c54...height=320]


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Is it in my character to NOT do a graphic option?

[Image: Screenshot-20240403-141749-Chrome.jpg]

[Image: photostudio-1710898490476.jpg]

I would love to see the San Francisco Pride utilize Boston Bruins colors to make a 4th jersey. This is simply because I am a die hard Bruins fan in real life. No other reason.

[Image: blix900.gif]

[Image: QwTZD8C.png][Image: iemKOIk.png]

The fourth Maine Timber jersey is based on Kesha because she once sang a song called Timber. It's based upon the colours of her hit album cover "Warrior" so it's neon green (totally not green, NEON green) and pink. It will be beautiful.

[Image: gREvMiW.png]
Canada Timber  Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean || S74  Timber Canada
Austria Barracuda Kraken  Finn von Murphenstein || S57 - S72  Kraken Barracuda Austria 

Baltimore Platoon = tactical gear with camo jerseys. I hate those jerseys, but hey, you got to go with the theme. Maybe going with arctic camo? That would be original.

Ekaterina Valieva - Baltimore Platoon

[Image: 0KH34qN.png]
Thanks @Lazyeye for the sig!

The jerseys would be dark grey primary color, with white trim and a light purple secondary trim which would pop nicely off of the dark grey. The logo would be removed and it would say Specters on the front

For our fourth jersey I would like to see Tampa Bay to use the LGBTQ+ colors just to show the fanbase and the world that we are an inclusive team, but also because it is still necessary to fight for equality and stop discrimination.

[Image: Katth.gif]

  [Image: CsnVET2.png]
Barracuda Germany Scarecrows Knights

[Image: cgv4vCv.png] [Image: 95lCCDx.png] [Image: GATPRRX.png]
S50 Challenge Cup Finals Game 7
[Image: gNFVjT6.png]

For the Carolina Kraken 4th jersey, I think we could take inspiration from our real world counter parts and have a Black and Red jersey, mirroring the Hurricanes.

The LA Panthers' new 4th jersey expands the orange and teal colors to add pink, purple, and yellow for a vaporwave-inspired design with the alternate logo.

[Image: ovfKxB5.png]

[Image: olivercastillon.gif]

Thanks @enigmatic, @Carpy48, @Bayley, @Ragnar, @sulovilen, & @dasboot for the signatures!


The new 4th jersey of the lovely Seattle Argonauts would have colours of red and white. Because Seattle is a Christmas city so that jersey would be used only in December at the home games.

[Image: salming.png]

The Patriotes are going to be introducing as their 4th jersey, a concept they refer to as “stealth. The new uniform is completely white, with no colour or detail on it at all. The purpose behind this is to bamboozle the opposition and make it impossible to spot them on the ice; this will also have the effect of making it exceedingly difficult for the Patriotes to play, but it’s worth the trade off

[Image: VkRiFym.png]

[Image: dankoa2004.gif]

This one is easy. Blue and White. We go full on Quebec themed and really up the hon hon hon on this one. We host a pancakes and poutine night. Get ol mascot Bonhomme Carnaval out and we have ourselves a hit.

[Image: 4zfXx6o.gif]

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