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Chirper #60 (AC Week #518)

Looking forward to the eclipse today!
Hope anyone who's able to see it is able to enjoy it safely!

[Image: 3WSeHAA.png]

At least I have coffee.

[Image: Niktox.gif]
Monarchs Berserkers Scarecrows [Image: italian-flag.jpg?s=612x612&w=0&k=20&c=tO...eKFgvtgqU=]

Specters Armada Scarecrows Czechia
Panthers Specters Jets Scarecrows Usa [Image: 4star.png] [Image: challengecup.png] [Image: challengecup.png]
RIP Dangel #AD26 | RIP TDZ

Remember to keep the animals safe today and keep them inside and close the blinds during the eclipse!

[Image: 3WSeHAA.png]

Pre-season is now finished! Looking forward to the start of the new season

[Image: image.png?ex=6626bf9c&is=66144a9c&hm=d87...height=676]

Thank you Jay for the graphic!

Solar eclipse today!!! Gonna go out and stare directly at it with naked eyes so I can claim disability on Tuesday.

[Image: EdmTeamPhoto.png?ex=6605c039&is=65f34b39...height=623]
Edmonton Blizzard Co-GM
Yukon Malamutes Hall of Fame
[Image: NwdnVLP.png][Image: fDB9MNX.png] 
[Image: 3j8MIXU.png]
Granny Panpan Count: 258

Super excited for my first game.

[Image: draft-ad.png?ex=66247d0e&is=6612080e&hm=...cddcfb611&]

Just pumped my stats up too, looking forward to stifling you offenders.

[Image: draft-ad.png?ex=66247d0e&is=6612080e&hm=...cddcfb611&]

Decent pre-season, can only hope I perform better

[Image: pnI7R5r.png]

New week= more tpe

[Image: pnI7R5r.png]

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