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The Primeau Family ( Recreate Idea )

Hey everybody!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, please redirect to the proper forum if needed but I have a an idea I'd like to suggest and see who would like to get on board. This is for fun and entertainment of course.

I'm set to retire Bastien at the end of next season, and for those who know me since I started playing the in-character story of Bastien is that he's my first player's son Sebastien. Both played for Detroit and Minnesota through their respective careers and I won't lie I am going to make another Primeau once I recreate.

But I would love it if I could have a family along with me. Brothers, sisters, cousins and have an SHL family. Okay I can't help but think WWE's Bloodline here. ( ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!! lol ) We've seen our fair share of Koivu's over the seasons, and once Bastien did have a brother but the player isn't around anymore I think. And I'd like to expand on that. I feel it could be fun to have sibling rivalries, see who is the most successful, how things works out if we end up on the same teams, etc, etc.

Would anyone be interested in such a story and perhaps work to make a Family Dynasty out of this Montreal-based lineage?
We have time to work on this, and if any of you feel like making a Primeau ahead of this season by all means! I won't do mine until Season 78 and I'm considering making a goalie or an offensive defensemen.

If no one wants to that's fine, at least I proposed it. :D
Have a nice day!!

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