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S77 Mock Draft: Top 10 Due: Sunday, May 26th @ 12PM PST
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This PT is for the upcoming S77 SHL Draft. For submitting a mock draft, you will get 3 TPE. In addition, for every player that you pick who gets drafted within first 10 picks of the draft, you will receive 0.5 TPE.

This is one of two mock drafts, if you do only one you will receive TPE based on that. If you do both you will receive average TPE from both of your submissions. If you do both, but before draft decide that you only want credit from Classic, edit your verification word on Top 10 to no longer match with what you had submitted on form. If you want credit only from Top 10, edit your post on Classic to “Top10” or similar thing that can’t be confused to proper mock.

It is for SHL players, send downs, and S77 Players that are about to be drafted to the SHL.

This PT is NOT for S78 players about to get drafted in the SMJHL.

If you are SHL GM, Co-GM and member of SHL Head Office do not submit mock draft. You will instead receive average TPE of both mocks as long as you post “GM/HO average” to either mock thread.

The S77 Draft order can be found HERE

List of all eligible prospects can be found from PORTAL or by checking the S77 column on this SHEET

DEADLINE: Sunday, May 26th, 12PM PST / 3PM EST


Responses are sent directly to a spreadsheet that you all can view but not edit. If you click the link below, you will be able to view your responses.


Please make sure to post your verification words in this thread. If you have any issues or questions, please PM me here or on Discord.

[Image: puolivalmiste2.gif]
Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me


gm average
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[Image: dZqcwmW.jpg?format=webp&width=710&height=473]

Grizzlies      S76 SMJHL DRAFT 3RD OVERALL PICK      Grizzlies
Argonauts        S77 SHL DRAFT 4TH OVERALL PICK          Argonauts
norway                     IIHF TEAM NORWAY                       norway


GM Average

[Image: Caleb_H.gif]

gm average

[Image: Oats.gif]

[Image: 401.png] [Image: S42cup1.png] [Image: r-Wt4-AB350oooo.png][Image: WuTGq5J.png][Image: XUMDqMO.png]

GM avg

[Image: ZIFmexT.png]

[Image: XigYVPM.png]

HO Average

Guy Incognito - D - #24
Texas Renegades
Season 77
Regular Season - [G 4] [A 17] [Pts 21] [+/- +26] [PIM 28] [Hits 43] [SB 179]
Playoffs - [G 0] [A 0] [Pts 0] [+/- 0] [PIM 0] [Hits 0] [SB 0]

[Image: ERs3IrD.png]


HO average

Falcons Hockey fan for life. I pack the heat and score the goals!   Barracuda

[Image: Point_Celly-13020730.gif] 


HO average

[Image: sIjpJeQ.png]
[Image: KPt6Yuu.png]


HO average

[Image: DrunkenTeddy.gif]

[Image: CsnVET2.png]  |  [Image: sXDU6JX.png]

GM average

[Image: hallsy.png]


[Image: spartangibbles.gif]
[Image: qGhUIfY.png]  Outlungus   Usa Monarchs  [Image: PlcJv9V.png]

GM average


HO Avg

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