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S77 PT #0: Call me again when the season starts Due: Sunday, June 9th @ 11:59 PM PST

Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

Written Option 1: Your player has been enjoying their well deserved rest until they get the call from their general manager that they need to do some marketing or take part in meet and greet, something not related to hockey. But it would be just so nice to keep golfing and drinking mojitos or whatever they like. If your player doesn’t want to go, how they convince their general manager that what they are doing is too important to be interrupted or they cannot attend the event because of some factors out of their control? Or are they always ready to take part in these events and be the face of the franchise, even if their teammates need to skip it because they apparently just flew to Australia to meet their cousin and their passport was stolen by Kangaroos. What does your player do and how does it go?

Written Option 2: Offseason is almost over and team training camp just over the corner. How does your player prepare during these last weeks before team is put back together. Is it time for rest to so you can endure the long season to come, do they ramp up their gym practises or maybe do some special technical training to further improve their skills to make the next step during their career or keep fighting the inevitable aging? How do they spend their last few weeks before team training camp?

Graphic Option: Create an image that shows your player on vacation, doing what they like, while wearing a disguise.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.


Graphics need to be viewable when PT is graded or you will not receive TPE. Discord only hosts images for very limited time.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL or WSLB or SSL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.

If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. The graders reserve the right to determine malicious intent, after discussion with me. You will not be warned.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only. If your player is S78 this is not for you.

PT credit: puolivalmiste

[Image: puolivalmiste2.gif]
Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me


Written Option 2: Alexa Johansen hasn't really had any chance to rest so far this off season. While most players at every level were heading home, spending time with family, or simply heading out to vacation somewhere in the world, she was among the small group called up for national trials, yet again. Of age for the WJC, and of suitable skill, as well, Alexa had been one of the forty Americans selected for one of the US Junior teams, in her case Blue, and had since spent the off season in intense training with that team, then playing the WJC tournament all the way up to the finals. This meant, with about a week left until Edmonton's training camp, and then immediately after that St. Louis' planned training to integrate the new rookies, she would have only seven days to rest. She didn't bother returning to San Diego this year, as she normally would; this time, she went right back to St. Louis, and spent a whole week rehabilitating and catching up on social activities she'd missed.

[Image: Oon045t.gif]
[Image: 8KlR3Yq.png]

Task 1:

William Salming is always willing to be face of the franchise. He is an original Argonauts from its first-ever draft class and feels that he owns it to the franchise. He has got so much good memories for being a part of the Seattle Argonauts so he is obviously willing to cancel his other plans and attend different kind of PR events and interact with the fans. In the end players are willing to play hockey because fans want to pay to see it. So Salming understands that concept and has always time for the fans. We learned during virus that sports is pretty lame without fans and people around it. They create the atmosphere so that's why William likes to answer their questions and take selfies or give autographs. He has sometimes his own Q and A sessions in the Twitter which is the best social media platform to keep those kind of sessions. So yeah, Salming cancels all his other plans if management wants so.

[Image: salming.png]

Task 1:

Jussi Mutou is first and foremost a team player. He is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team whether it’s in games, in practice, or even for some marketing to put butts in seats. Luckily, Jussi hasn’t been too busy aside from weekly solo training and gym workouts. His off-season consisted of flying around with the Colorado Raptors to catch their playoff games before they were unceremoniously eliminated from the big dance. Afterwards, it was back to Montreal. Lots to see and do of course, but the young winger was chomping at the bit to get involved with the team again. No matter what that meant. So when he got the call that the media would be shooting a few local commercials, Jussi was ready to go.

Folks in Montreal would be treated to a commercial for the Bota Bota spa that heavily featured Jussi Mutou enjoying all the features the spa had to offer. The commercial featured the tagline: “détente même un pro peut en profiter”. Which roughly translates to “relaxation even a pro can enjoy.” Analytics revealed that the commercial had brought in a 200% increase in traffic to the spa, with fans of the Pats arriving to “Have what Mutou was having.” All in all, a roaring success.

[Image: M7PYRAS.jpg]
[Image: eL4cCu1.jpg]
credit to MuNk22 for the sig


PT Pass

[Image: Caleb_H.gif]

Johnny FourStar has taken little rest since Winnipeg was bounced from the SHL playoffs last season. There is just too much to do to get better! Johnny has been skating every day, working with trainers to increase his agility and speed. He has been working on his shot, too, and ensuring that he gets as many pucks to the net as possible. When he is not actively skating, Johnny is working on his game in other ways. He is playing darts to increase his accuracy. He is walking everywhere in town with a hockey stick in his hands. He is even organizing strangers into configurations of 5 versus 5 so he can play a sort of mental chess to help him understand the best way to attack any given lineup. Johnny Fourstar might be a little insane, but it is this kind of dedication and devotion to the game that is going to make a difference in the Winnipeg Aurora win column this season.

(164 words)

The off season was not kind to Troy. After a disappointing exit from the playoffs in his last shot at the 4 star cup, Troy looked to the IIHF and WJC to try and get some wins. As one of the board members for Czechia's IIHF / WJC team, his expectations were unrealistically high. "Nothing short of gold" is what he kept saying. Well at no fault to god wonderful teams, they were bested by some really good international teams. Troy was in the gutter, so he knew what he had to do.

Steriods. Troy started taking testosterone, flintstone chewables [yellow ones only], and something he calls "Modal Juice" which was mixed in a 100% cranberry juice container, but was dark blue. He turned himself into a Modal infused butterfly, and emerged anew; a giant structure of a man with cheekbones. His skating is faster, more balanced, and intense. His stick handling is smooth, yet speedy, like a VW bug got dropped out of an airplane. His awareness is off the charts.

In other words, he's ready.


[Image: TROYMCCLURE.gif]
Colorado Raptors Capitan S42-Until Forever!
Czechia Wants you! Ask about a transfer!!


Graphic Option:

[Image: Polish-20240603-082242699.jpg]

[Image: wfm-sig.png]
[Image: Wf5B9wj.png]

General Manager Hotdog really wants me to stop drinking so much and stop playing golf. He says as an up and coming stud in the league, I must focus on my brand in the summer time, and perhaps get some skates in, do a few podcasts and interviews. I tell him I will do a few podcasts. I place an open invtiation on my twitter feed (I have 500K followers .. very famous). I end up doing podcasts drinking lean with Adam 22. I then suggest to hotdog that perhaps i can do a crazy brand idea.. perhaps i can monetize my drinking and golf. Hotdog protests, but I tell him "listen man.. the kids love youtube". I then collaborate with totally awsome creator mr beast and we do a golf and ddrinking challenge with our mouths agape in the thumbnail. instantly, my follower count goes up to 5 million and mr beast gives me so much money.. hes a talented guy - he has a lot of money and he spends it! This ends up being more eyes on the atlanta inferno so hotdog cannot complain.

Well the offseason is wrapping up and Dan is enjoying life at his summer home in Northern Ontario, lounging in a hammock and watching the water in the lake move.  Dan has had the opportunity to spend lots of time at his cabin, swimming, fishing and just down right relaxing, since the Inferno exited the playoffs in the first round. So when the phone rang and on the other end was none other than the GM in Atlanta @hotdog asking Dan if he could come back down to Georgia and do some public appearances to ramp up the hype for the upcoming season, Dan jumped at the opportunity. Dan went home and packed up his equipment and clothes and started the drive down to ATL. Dan loves being asked to be one of the faces of the team and will never back out of the opportunity to do this for his team. Honestly if it wasn't for the fans there would be no job for Dan so this is the least he could do for all of those diehard Inferno fans.


[Image: x17WALp.png][Image: hUtg6sH.png][Image: pPWkZOM.png]
[Image: Q9Ii17g.png]
Credit to Ragnar and Enigmatic for the great Signatures

PT Credit

[Image: puolivalmiste2.gif]
Sigs by @Carpy48, @Nokazoa and me

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Austin Morley is always ready to show up and do his best to be the franchise guy for the Manhattan Rage. I am not sure if the fans, his teammates, or management view him as the face of the franchise, but Austin views himself as such. He does his best to try and meet with fans as much as he can and sign autographs and do pictures. He is always a willing participant of doing whatever it is that the team needs or wants him to do, because Morley always tries to keep the teams best interests in mind. He hopes that this will one day pay off, though, as to this point it hasn’t been an easy road to be a member of the Manhattan Rage. (128)

[Image: Morleyhockey.gif]

option 2 
Peyton Campeau prepares a bit unorthodox compared to most players, He doesnt train super hard before the season starts, This is to prevent him from wearing himself out by pushing it too hard and overexerting himself, We asked him more about this idea in which he explained it himself. "I dont workout super hard, I only do a few reps and move on" He explained to us more about what his real secret is on the ice, Practice with a stick with weights as well as heavier than regulation pucks. The idea here being that with this weight the strength training would come naturally. "Its helpful because in the real deal the puck feels weightless, You can really get a snap on your shot if you are so used to a heavy puck and stick combo, I think my teammates should try this idea as well, You can really boost your shot power and stamina"

[Image: gageshl.gif]

Written Option 2:
It's the last few weeks before training camp, Louis Belanger is in a great mood. During the summer, he was drafted in the SHL and joined the New England Wolfpack. It was a huge honor for him to be drafted 7th overall and join this great group of players. Now, it's time for him to concentrate on getting ready for training camp. Louis has been regularly running around the block, saying hi to the many people he sees on the way. You see, it's important for him to keep the social aspect of his personality be kept alive. The main skill he has been practicing throughout the summer is faceoffs. The St-Louis management approached him to ask that he might play center in the next season so he wants to make sure he's not a liability at that position. His goal is to reach 47% in faceoffs in the next season. Other than that, he's been practicing with his teammates off the ice.

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