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S76 SMJHL Awards

76 SMJHL Awards Show
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: SHL Youtube Channel

Team Awards
Four-Star Cup
Quebec City Citadelles Citadelles
King-Kurczewski Gauntlet - South Playoff Champions
Maine Timber Timber
Linna Landvik Trophy - North Playoff Champions
Quebec City Citadelles Citadelles
Laurifer Trophy - Best Regular Season Record
Quebec City Citadelles Citadelles Citadelles
Individual Awards
Jared Hanson Trophy - Regular Season Points Leader
Mia Lavoie - 113 Points Timber
Roberto Martucci Trophy - Regular Season Goals Leader
Mia Lavoie - 53 Goals Timber
Matt Lewis-Flood Trophy - Regular Season Team Save Percentage Leaders
Denebor Milasch & Stan Free Kraken
Ronan O'Keefe Trophy - Playoff Points Leader
Celeste Desjardins- 29 Points  Citadelles
Nour Harrak - Top GMs
Quebec City Citadelles (RAmenAmen & Lore)
Carolina Kraken (Sve7en)
Maine Timber (SouthPaw & MikeLiut)
Zach Miller - Most Dedicated User
Jack Cross - Most Underrated
Max Belcher/xjoverax Kraken
On Ice Contribution: Carolina's season was defined by elite defense, and while their league record Goals Against pace slowed from that rate over the last third of the season, the middle of the road offense was propped up substantially by the fact that they were efficient with their possession and put the clamps on the other team when playing defense. No player did that better than Max Belcher, the 2nd line sophomore defenseman with just one 425 skater on the line (Roderic Barnes). Belcher led the team in giveaways with only 8 on the season (third best in the league for defensemen, and smashing the others in takeaways), blocked 175 shots (9th in the league for defensemen, 18% of the team's blocks, and 47 more than 2nd on Carolina), led the league for defensemen in GA/60. His 16th in the league, 5th for defensemen, PDO is an indicator of how brutally efficient Belcher made the team around him, and while the line didn't rack up gaudy amounts of points or even have strong corsi numbers, they routinely bottled opposing lines and capitalized on their opportunities like no one else and a large part of that was due to the sophomore defenseman.
Locker Room Contribution: Jove as a user has single handedly changed the discord and graphic environments of the league for the better. He was largely expected to be a top 3 pick last SHL draft due to his locker room presence, emote creation, and energy brought to the league. Not since Schwar has a single user had such a strong impact on the discord experience of the league, and these emotes and stickers created aren't even for money (he gets it by the buckets for his sig requests and draft renders), he just turns around animated emotes on a daily basis for other peoples joy, quickly gaining him recognition of :joveGOAT:.
Roquefort Cotswald/roquefort  Falcons
On Ice Contribution: Roquefort Cotswald may not be the flashiest player, tallying just 21 points in the regular season, but was an underrated part of Detroit's defense this season. Cotswald had the highest +/- out of all defensemen on Detroit, as well as 2nd most blocked shots and 3rd highest Fenwick % out of DET defensemen, behind two capped 425 TPE players. As just a rookie, Cotswald played a big part in Detroit having the 6th best defense in the league
Locker Room Contribution: When scouting, Roquefort said he'd "likely be very vacant," and yet this couldn't be further from the truth. Despite the lower draft pick, Roquefort has been an extremely eager rookie in terms of achieving his highest potential (currently leading S77 in TPE!). Roquefort has also fit perfectly into the Detroit culture. Whether it's talking about food, fitness, or helping others, Roquefort has been inspirationally talkative and keeping up the LR vibes all season long.
Matviy Cajabi /bobdigi9  Armada
On Ice Contribution: Matviy didn't put up the same offensive numbers as he did last year as the sophmore slump seemed to catch up to him. But when you dive in deep he did better than the previous season. His overall game rating climbed from a 68 last season to a 76 this one and his offense did climb slightly from a 71 to an 80, but it was on the defensive end where the he really made a difference. With a defensive rating climbing from a 58 all the way up to a 70 this season.
Locker Room Contribution: Bob took it upon himself to step up as a locker room precense this past season. While the Armada adjusted to life without Gabe steering us haphazardly through the waters Bob stepped up and started to hand out the Admiral's Hat to the player of the game with each sim.
Alex Light - Most Improved
Max Belcher Kraken
Wyatt King Citadelles
Jamie Fraser Kraken
Connor Simard Battleborn
Brandon Holmes - Top Defensive Forward
Rodrigo Banes Kraken
Ace Guilded Timber
Inge Baardsen Elk
Quilha Agante - Top Defender
Supah  Dupah Citadelles
Troy McClure IIII Elk 
Ongo Gablogian Kraken
Oranj Konhe Raptors
Alexis Metzler - Top Defensive Defender
Ongo Gablogian Kraken
Supah Dupah Citadelles
Oranj Konhe Raptors
Cedric Robinson - Top Goalie
Denebor Milasch Kraken
Song Ju-Gong Citadelles
Just Perfection Battleborn
Esa Anrikkanen - Top Rookie
Sam Volta : Tidal
Gina Pinard  Tidal
David Vent Whalers
Ideen Fallah - Most Valuable Player of the Regular Season
Mia Lavoie Timber
Froya Solberg Citadelles
Troy McClure IIII Elk
Brodie Witzel - Playoffs MVP
Song Ju-Gong Citadelles
Froya Solberg Citadelles
Celeste Desjardins Citadelles
Raymond Lindsay - Most Outstanding Player of the Regular Season
Mia Lavoie Timber
Froya Solberg Citadelles
Bean Beanman Jr Elk
Congratulations to all!! <33

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